Guards are often falling asleep at the John F. Kennedy International Airport

Former supervisor says guards often found sleeping at JFK airport

Published: June 10, 2013 at 2:24 PM

NEW YORK, June 10 (UPI) — A former security supervisor at John F. Kennedy International Airport says he was fired after he reported finding several guards asleep on duty.

Stephen Jackson, a supervisor with FJC Security until he was fired in late May, said it was “a regular occurrence” to find guards dozing while on duty, the New York Post reported Monday.

The ex-Marine said he had supervised between 58 and 65 guards at the airport and routinely caught about six sleeping. One guard posted at a remote area of the airport was twice found napping, Jackson said.

Jackson provided a 36-second cellphone video shot in March in which he could be heard telling the guard “Come on, buddy. Wake up!”

Jackson is heard beeping his horn as a plane takes off.

The guard was suspended for a week without pay, Jackson said, adding that he photographed another guard in March dozing in a company car.

In a third photo, another guard appears to be sleeping at a security booth near the airport’s post office.

Jackson said the company’s managers complained when he showed them the images.

Port Authority officials on Friday banned the three guards found sleeping from working at any authority facilities.

Jackson said he was fired after letting a worker who didn’t have identification into a restricted area after a supervisor told him to let in the worker, who normally had access to the area

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