Has The Time Come For America to Declare War On the Rest of The World?

Has The Time Come For America to Declare War On the Rest of The World?


Or perhaps we have already. If the War on Terror allows US to attack, invade or assault any country that harbors terrorists, why then we are already at war with every country, (including our own), since “terrorists” are everywhere, are they not? And I don’t think the American people would have much of a problem with that idea as they are being whipped up as we speak to cry for more and more bombings and military action anywhere the sellouts in Washington DC call for. I am actually hearing an increasing number of regular, working people talk in terms of simply wiping out anyone who stands in the way of our increasing need for cheap gasoline or whatever resource they want or need. Real, everyday people are responding in discussions about the state of the world that we have the world’s biggest, bestest military and we may as well use it to get what we need to continue our “quality of life” at whatever cost, (except of course them having to get their butts off the couch and do the fighting themselves).

Yesterday on that other forum, a mod, (GM) posted a thread about how wonderful it was to see Tomahawk missiles being launched to kill muzzies and a lot of replies agreed completely. When a poster replied to the issue of our tro0ps and veterans committing suicide at increasing and alarming rates I responded in reply…

Don’t let anybody tell you that you are wrong with what you are saying because you are exactly correct. My son was deployed to Iraq for a year and to Afghanistan for a year. He now works in C.I.D. and a big part of his job is investigating those suicides and that is exactly why the young men are killing themselves. I meet a lot of soldiers because we are an Army family and I work with a couple of young vets myself. They all tell the same story of having a hard time dealing with the reality that they are not out there doing good, but evil. A disabled vet I know told me of how the bad guys used to send groups of young children to run in front of vehicles that GI’s were driving and when they hit the brakes, the bad guys would pop out and blow our boys away. When asked if he stopped he replied, “Yeah, the first time, but never again”! He did not recall how many kiddies he had run down, but it was apparent that their ghosts haunted him still. As far as I know, our armed forces are still trained that they are going out there to fight the good fight and do good throughout the world. When they live the reality and see that it is not the case, many of them have serious problems with it. Perhaps it is time that we changed the training to reflect the Blackbeard Mentality of ‘Kill them all and take their shite’, because if we keep going the way we are will we will go bankrupt paying the medical bills for those soldiers that do not kill themselves, and paying the death benefits to the surviving families of those that do. I prefer honesty.

Well that post was quickly deleted and the entire thread was cleaned up to be one promoting the increase of more bombings and killing of anyone and everyone that happened to get in our way. A line of propaganda that I expect from CNN or Fox, but NOT from the Alternate Media people. Looks like they have been bought off too and I have had my fill of that site, thank you very much!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a pacifist, but I am no war monger either. I have always been appalled by those who cry for war as long a I am doing the fighting for them. If you really want war and are willing to suit up and attack, more power to you, but that is NOT the way it is. Old and Rich men start them, Young and Poor men fight them and that never sat well with me. For those of you that are eager to extend the killing please keep in mind that statistics and history have proven that while a lot of soldiers are killed in battle over the course of any and every war, just as many or more civilians are killed as well. And the civilians are more likely to be dragged out of their homes and raped and murdered without a chance to fight back! Think that will not or cannot happen here in America? Have you seen who our leaders are today? I would put NO treachery past O-Bomber, not even turning around and attacking us himself with his Brownshirted DHS or TSA or NSA thugs. Do you trust him in ANY way? Think about it, please.

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