American intelligence paid a visit today

may 7 2014

This morning, a man I have never seen before pulled up to my house on a black Honda CG150 motorcycle and started speaking English without me ever saying a thing. Mexicans don’t just automatically know you speak English, they always just speak Spanish. He handed me a business card for meat products and drove off. When I first saw him, he drove up the street past the house, returned directly to MY HOUSE AND MY HOUSE ALONE, started speaking English before I ever said a thing, handed me the business card which was very poorly done, and drove off. THAT does not happen In Mexico.

If he was out advertising his meat products, he would have put a card at every house, not just singled out mine. I have most likely met my assassin. He most likely had a hidden camera providing input to a control center and had to see me first so he knew exactly what the target was. The business card was an alibi. He will most likely set up in the area and wait. He had a filthy dark deep criminal look that I would expect from a paid killer. Obviously I am never returning home again.

Motorcycles are used by asassins because they are super difficult to pursue. He obviously drove past my house and then turned around because he came up the one way street in the wrong direction and had to turn around to see the address which is only visible from the correct direction. FOR THE RECORD, I will update this site at least once per day until I am dead. My health is perfect. Time online is now limited to 20 minutes. I have 10 minutes,


Offers of safe locations

Many people have offered sanctuary, and I am highly appreciative of this. But I have a different plan, you see – For as long as I am not in a new country working to stop world war 3, I will suffer whatever hardships it takes to keep this site running and updated. I am not going to slip away to a retreat somewhere and live quietly, I know what is up in this world and along with knowledge comes responsibility.

I am not going to go somewhere to hide and slack off, I am in this game until I am either dead or win.


Rachel Corrie was an awesome woman, who died standing up for a righteous cause. If you look at the video linked below, the first half starts out with Rachel speaking as a young girl about how she is going to work to save the world. Many children give such speeches when they are young, and virtually none live up to it. The second half of the video proves Rachel meant what she said as a child, and ended up dying for a righteous cause.

Watch this video here
WMV Video

When I was Rachel’s age in the first half of the video, I myself could see that the world was changing in ways I did not agree with. I was very socially aware at a very young age, and at that age I made the decision that I was not going to allow myself to be corrupted by the societal degradation that was happening all around me. And I did a pretty good job of living up to it. And I am NOT going to bow down to evil, or let it prevail just because things have gotten difficult.


  • theunhivedmind



    At 7pm, when it was still light outside, someone came by the house and ripped the dog through the slats in the fence. Toti was a good dog, and was an excellent barking guard dog but not one anyone would really be afraid of. The neighbors cannot confirm who took him, all they know is he got ripped through the fence. Obviously if there was a hit out on anyone, the dog would have to go. Toti was brought inside at night and would have definitely alerted us of any danger.

    I have a little news for the idiot who got him, I have not returned home and had no plans of returning home tonight, you may have nailed the dog but you WILL NOT get me.

    A little history on the dog

    Many readers may remember that last September I relocated for safety reasons. Claudia and I picked a small house on the edge of the city that had a fenced in front yard so we could have a dog to warn us if anyone strange got close. I wanted a small one, because a big one is not really any more useful, if any dog ever bites anyone it’s pretty much a dead dog, so I just wanted a little noise maker that would not eat a whole lot because money was tight.
    Claudia and I both thought it would be the nicest to just find a stray or lost dog and give it a home. Within three weeks of moving in, we saw “toti”, obviously lost, dirty and not in good condition in the parking lot of a small store. After a pack of hot dogs, we were able to take him home. He cleaned up nicely and at first I thought he was old, because he could not move fast. But I then realized he had been hit by a car and was sore everwhere, and after a month or so he was doing great. Claudia named him “toto” and I thought it was tacky. No one names their dog “toto”, though this one really did look pretty much like the one in the wizard of oz. And after “toto” proved himself as a great dog, Claudia started calling him toti.

    He did the job I wanted him for perfectly. He was a decent well mannered and reasonably clean dog that was easy to bathe and was obviously pampered by the previous owner. We could not figure out why anyone would leave him, but then concluded he probably got lost after he saw some horses or something similar because when he saw them he would take off like a rocket to chase them, and he probably got lost after doing so.

    At any rate, Toti’s final job I guess was to send the message that I really am in danger.

    I am worried for you, and I hate that all this is going on. I saw that they got your dog, man, I’m sorry. If anything should happen, God forbid, I have really enjoyed your website. You are a very intelligent person, which this world is lacking at the moment. =) How shameful it is that truth is seen as so bad these days, and good people are punished for telling the truth. I guess we have to amp up the speaking out then. That’s why I’m going to start my website soon. Thank you so much for all the articles, knowledge, and advice. Chin up. Take care. Thoughts and prayers.


    My response:

    The scriptures clearly state that in the last days, people would turn away from the truth and that truth would become extremely precious and difficult to find. I realize this when I run this web site, and believe that we are indeed in the end times
    And yes, the scriptures go as far as stating that people will love lies more than the truth, what a 180 from the past. Good people are now punished because the truth threatens power, back in the early days of America the truth was out in the open, there were no such things as security clearances, secret projects or anything else, it was just all open and public and the truth made America a great nation. Now that it has fallen into darkness it seems like no one is happy any more, and it’s all downhill, anyone can see America is now slipping into a black hole and living only on the greatness of the past, a greatness built when America was good.

    The only question now is how much damage America will do to the world when it is in it’s death throes. I hate to say it, especially since I know that even removing 500 of the right people from the top of the power structure would save the nation, the problem really is that small. All the damage they did would be fixed by the good people in only 20 years or so. But with the mind control telling people to not do the right thing and instead just sit there and cry and protest, mind control so well entrenched it just shuts people’s brains off from the obvious SO WELL entrenched, I really thing America is a goner, there is nothing that will save it. And if anyone breaks free of the mind control well enough to come up with ANYTHING that might unseat those top 500 evil people, the NSA will get word of it and the CIA will act on it and all hope will be crushed.

    The NSA really is the final death sentence for America, the nation simply can’t survive that.

    Gotta change locations now

    May 7 2014
    I cannot answer e-mails after what happened this morning. Martin sent $50 via Paypal, thanks!

    Marco sent $10 euros via Paypal, thanks!

  • theunhivedmind


    Boncho wrote:

    Hi James,
    Hope this email finds you well.

    In case something happens to you, how can I save all the information contained on your website in one go? Or what is the best way to do it?

    In case you “disappear”, the “good guys” would put it down wouldn’t they, or would they leave it up and have someone “replace” you as not to raise any suspicion?

    When you read what someone writes for a while you tend to “know” the person, so I guess if “they” would have someone do it, this person would have to be really good at it, in terms of controlled opposition.

    Anyway, hope nothing happens to you and we keep fighting the good fight.


    My response:

    I am almost 100 percent certain I know what they do. They take over the web sites when they vanish people, and then run incindiary content that appears to be by the writer because it is on the same topics. In other words, if the guy ripped Jews, the site hijackers will REALLY RIP JEWS, much harder and much more offensively and possibly even more well supported with “facts” than the original site owner could produce.

    While doing this, they will then use the web site as a venue to destroy other truth web sites that are still alive. People may not have drawn the connection between my troubles and when Sheriff Mack and The Rebel suddenly flipped. They still carried their usual content, but became hostile towards other venues. If you wanted to destroy a web site, behaving as such would accomplish two things –

    First of all, it will destroy the web site you took over, because the reader base will be at least half alienated by the fact that the usurped web site is now smearing other people that appeared trustworthy. So I am a little careful with Rense rips because I know that can alienate people here, I don’t go the whole hog the way the rebel and sheriff mack went against this site.

    Second of all, there will be damage to whoever gets attacked. The Rebel managed to drop my traffic by 15 percent. It has since recovered, but the dip was noticeable. But the real damage happened to The Rebel, traffic for that site as a result of what “he” did, dropped by 60 percent. So if you want to vanish someone and make people forget a web site, just use it as a venue for attacking others in the truth movement. True, I have ripped alex a bit, but I at least still link him, and the same is true with Rense. I am mostly pissed with Rense because he has harped too much Fukushima disinfo for me to tolerate. But it ends there, Rense has a lot of good stuff.

    People need to realize that when Sheriff Mack and The Rebel flipped – both of whom were allies, that Farganne, Paul Short, and this web site simultaneously had serious troubles with intelligence agencies. This site pretty much stays together because I know what is going on in this arena, and know when there is danger. Others do not fare as well, I am certain that a majority of real truthers have been silenced already. The CIA and NSA do not exist for nothing, they are there for control and to keep control in the hands of a few powerful elite, truth and the greater good be damned. It is their job to destroy all legitimate dissent.

    To answer the other questions, there are programs like Wget that will sniff entire web sites off the web, and mirrors are greatly appreciated. I am almost certain I am the only one out there saying this and welcoming this, and I am completely certain this is THE main reason why I have survived, taking down this particular web site would be incredibly difficult because too much of my stuff is posted everywhere, and I thank my readers for protecting me that way. Other contributing factors would be prayers, experience, and common sense.

  • theunhivedmind

    Odd happenings

    may 29th 2014

    About a month ago I approached an embassy and they screwed my security big time. The embassy ended up being totally incompetently run and now that “they” (the NSA) knows, along with their other crony agencies that I am trying to leap out of here, they have gotten downright spooky.
    For example:

    A man drove up to the house a few weeks ago on a black Honda CG150 motorcycle, started speaking perfect English (without trying Spanish first, which never happens in Mexico) and handed me a business card for meat products. This same man started following Claudia after I left. It scared the crap out of her. I believe he was probably an assasin trying to get a good look at the target before doing the job. I was evasive until I managed to get out of town. That was enough, “they” always want a clean hit and if you randomize perfectly it pretty much stops that.

    I got a super common and cheap Honda motorcycle to help me live totally on the road and incognito. For no reason at all it was delayed at the dealer day after day after day, even though it was just sitting there ready and then suddenly I got to have it. I believe they held it until U.S. intelligence could bug it. They would have known I bought it because my name had to go into the system. I have several good reasons to think it is bugged.
    The first thing I noticed was that on the way to Mexico City, every time I pulled over to the side of the road (because I had to go 50KM because it had to be broken in and they said go no faster during break in) and this made the ride two day tedious. So I stopped a lot. Every time I did, a perfectly clear shoulder would end up having a car pull over in front of me and behind me. If this happened ONCE, I would blow it off, but it kept happening over and over and over again until I knew something had to be up.

    The second thing I noticed was that when I parked it wrong once, (and I did not even know that I parked it wrong) I walked away for about a half hour and then returned to get some papers that were in a lock box I put on it. When I returned, a man came from the other side of the street and was very friendly, speaking English, and wanted to see the motorcycle. I had some saddle bags mounted to it to hold clothes and other things, and he wanted me to move them so he could know exactly what the bike was. It´s just a CGL125, the smallest thing Honda makes. I am only saying this because I know they already know, BECAUSE:

    As soon as he saw the model number he started shouting at a police car in Spanish, saying I parked it wrong. The police did not care. He kept shouting HEY, HE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE IT HERE, ARENT YOU GOING TO DO ANYTHING? and the cops ignored him. And THEN he said, HEY, LOOK, HE PUT A LOCK ON IT. LOOK AT THIS LOCK, HE PUT IT THERE SO YOU COULD NOT TAKE IT BECAUSE HE KNEW HE PARKED IT WRONG. (I understand Spanish well enough to know EXACTLY what he said) Then the cops got interested, got out, and asked me to produce all papers, and kept it up and kept it up and I was scared to death they were going to haul me off. After 45 minutes I told them something I don’t want to say here, because it worked to have them let me go, and showed them a letter Claudia wrote and something else I don’t want to mention, and they then knew what that guy was up to and let me go. But it was a close call.

    FOR THE RECORD, NO ONE walks around Mexico speaking English first thing, being all friendly, and then switches languages and tries to get you screwed. That would not happen unless it was an intelligence agency that wanted to create a reason to possibly get me sent back to America. And the only way they could have figured out where I was is if the motorcycle was bugged, this city is freaking huge with totally random streets and absolute random chaos traffic. No one can follow anyone, especially a motorcycle which gets out ahead of everything.


    I have discovered that if I park that motorcycle anywhere near where I go online, (which I will do from time to time without logging in here because I don’t want everything I look up to be associated with a log in to this web site) Google does not work for anything useful. I have said before that your own holonet can follow you around if you carry a cell phone and they can track that, they can modify Google search results on the fly to whatever small area you are in so you get trapped in a cage on the web. And the motorcycle did it.
    It’s easily proven. The motorcycle needs servicing and I want to buy a few new parts to swap out to get rid of the bug. With the motorcycle parked directly in front of the cyber cafe, Google returned ZERO honda service centers for motorcycles in Mexico City, with all results coming in from over 100 KM away. I knew that was B.S. because the bike I have is the most common one in Mexico, they are EVERYWHERE.

    So I took the motorcycle back to the hotel, parked it and walked to a cyber cafe, typed the exact same search terms and Google maps stacked up so many Honda motorcycle service centers that those little pin thingies stacked up on top of each other. Solid proof that the bug absolutely will jack search results. This can be done if the bug knows your location, reports back to an NSA server exactly where you are, and then the NSA can tailor search results for whatever area they want tailored to be exactly what they want. Since I said yesterday that I was going to replace that ignition module, THEY did not want me finding parts. It’s as simple as that. And they could not jack search results for ALL of Mexico city, because people here probably search for Honda service centers 5,000 or more times a day. Probably 50,000 because the city is big and those bikes swarm like flies everywhere. So walking away from the bike did the job.

    If you want to see if you are living in a holoweb, leave your laptops at home, your cell at home and your car at home and go out walking. Find a public computer somewhere, do not log into any of your accounts, and just start surfing like you are joe blow. If they have you pegged, the web won’t look the same.

    Anyway, I am fairly uncertain about my future. They are definitely after me and it’s not just a guess. I said yesterday I was going to strip the bike down and find that bug. That’s a big job still pending . . . . .
    BY THE WAY, that motorcycle goes over 60 mph and gets over 150 miles per gallon. It took (barely) less than two gallons to go from Leon GTO to the heart of Mexico City, and then drive around the city for about two hours or so.

    And what’s worse? because it’s the cheap one, it’s economy is considered to be poor here. Go figure U.S.A., eat Mexico’s heart out on that fuel economy. I still get people writing angry mails about the VW XL1, asking me to PROVE it’s banned in America and Snopes stepped up to the plate with a phony rip and bag of lies about my report. LET ME POP A BIG QUESTION HERE: IF A 30 MPH MOPED IN AMERICA CANNOT BE FOUND WITH AN ECONOMY OVER 70 MPG, WHAT IS A “CRAPPY” MOTORCYCLE IN MEXICO DOING GETTING 150mpg WITH A TOP END OF 62 mph? The good ones that go even faster get over 200 mpg when driven flat and straight on the highway, with an average consumption of 65 km PER LITRE. NOT A JOKE.
    And the Honda dealer said I would not like that 11 litre gas tank with only a 2 litre reserve because a total of 13 litres would force me to fill up a lot. WHAT? Leon to Mexico city on a little over half a tank. 1,200KM on 2 tanks of gas without going into the reserve. What’s wrong with that picture? I thought people were full of it until I saw it myself. I guess motorcycles are expected to go forever on fumes and never need a fill up here to be considered “good”.

    And I just gotta eat the lies told in America, about how motorcycles can’t get good gas mileage because the drag coefficient is not good. What a load of B.S. HONDA MEXICO PROVES IT. Yeah, “not good” compared to the XL1 perhaps.

    So, ROUND TWO SHILLAGE: America, WHERE ARE YOUR FUEL EFFICIENT MOTORCYLCES, AND NO SNOPES, THESE HONDAS ARE NOT LEGAL IN AMERICA, JUST LIKE THE XL1 IS NOT LEGAL. Plus, they are quiet and make absolutely no smell at all, they run clean as a whistle.

    My “press credentials” are fully verified by the FACT I GET IT RIGHT, and that’s all that matters. Who wants a credentialed liar?

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