UHM – Health Advice for suspected Prostate problems

I need your advice.

I’m often having trouble urinating, getting the flow to start and also having a weak flow and sometimes dribbling.

I’m also waking up at night either thirsty or needing to urinate.

My tailbone is also getting sore when sitting down for a long time.

I’ve also had what I believe is external hemorrhoids recently (I don’t at the moment).

What advice do you have for me?


First thing you should be looking at is Kidney herbal work along with Kidney foods. This sounds like you may have an enlarged Prostrate. If so and you go to a quack do NOT have a biopsy its quackery, not even worth thinking about for a second and it is very nasty and painful to boot. If you do want to have a test or to pacify a quack you’ve been stupid enough to seek then ask for an Anti-Malignin Antibody Serum test which is far more of use than the standard bunkum and it doesn’t hurt one bit as its simply blood work, thats it.

I would recommend you utilize some Nettle (Urtica dioica) fresh if possible and as a soup ideally like I used to take it. You can have 7.5ml of a 1:3 quality tincture twice per day. Do some study on the Prostrate now and Nettle to start with. You’ll notice the Nettle goes straight to the Bladder meridian along with the Spleen, Liver and Lung. Now since we’re dealing with the urinary system and prostrate we need to correct the Kidneys and so we need to also make sure the Spleen is working well as this balances the Kidneys and thus Nettle is a great aid, as you can see it also aids the Liver which balances the Spleen. Very useful as this is a Liver, Spleen and Kidney matrix. The Nettle also nourishes the regions it goes to whilst it also stabilizes, dissolves, astringes and restores. So as you can see its the whole nine yards remembering that astringing means pulls in, as in tightening back up if loose so to speak.

Another herb you’ll find useful is Plantain known also as Ribwort which grows like crazy in gardens and its classed as a weed. We have lots of this wonderful herb growing here and it grows like crazy everywhere as God intended for healing. This goes to the Kidneys and Bladder and it astringes, restores, decongests, calms and stablizes where it goes to.

We’d then look to Artichoke root which goes to the Liver, Gallbladder and Bladder and is an amazing herb which I’ve seen great results with personally many times. This also nourishes, restores, softens, dissolves and decongests.

I’d then look at Mullein leaf which goes to the Lung, Stomach, Large Intestine and Bladder. This restores, astringes, softens and relaxes.

Finally look into adding Hoelen which is known as Poria Cocos. This goes to your Bladder, Spleen, Stomach, Heart and Lungs whilst decongesting and calming.

Take all these herbs separately or at least as a formula and they will aid your problems and over time reserve the issues completely. These must be taken every day and taken twice daily through out the day.

You should look into the simple exercise called ‘Mula Banda’ and practice this regular daily as you do everything else. Start practicing Qi-Gong daily and see if you can find any specific Qi-gong exercises for prostrate issues or Tai Chi ones for that matter.

Unfortunately you can only have sex twice a month and you must ejaculate or just masturbate to ejaculation twice a month to keep pressure balance but no more than this until you’re corrected and then far less than ever before.

You should not drink any coffee or alcohol and you shouldn’t have any spices.

If you want to look at buying some Chinese medicine pre-made pills then theres the Chian Lieh Shian Wan and another formula called Jie Jie Wan. You can always seek a good professional Chinese doctor who’ll be able to treat this problem quite easily with herbology and/or acupuncture. I would also recommend you have some structure work done by a good chiropractor focusing on lumbar 3 and 4 along with thoracic 5, 8, 10 and 11. You can also utilise a heated Castor oil pack over the prostrate region daily for 1.5 hours. Even if this is not a prostrate problem, the herbal medicines I’ve spoke about will still work for you in clearing this issue.

Foods rich in Zinc are of importance as the prostrate should be loaded with Zinc at all times. Pumpkin seeds are rich in Zinc but you’d have to eat daily something like a quarter or half a mug’s worth per day. I’d also recommend one tablespoon daily of ferment Cod Liver Oil or the best CLO you can find as long as the ratio of Vitamin A to D is 5:1 or at max 10:1. You should also look to eating black Sesame seed known as Hei Zhi Ma in China which are most excellent for the Kidneys but should be ideally fried on their own in a frying pan until they cover themselves completely with their oil, then you take them off the stove and leave to cool and eat (usually two minutes cooking time and these must be watched in case of fire). Take 2-6 teaspoons daily. Theres other herbs I can tell you about such as Saw palmetto, Golden Rod and Marshmallow root being a Bladder, softener, relaxer and thickener etc.

-=The Unhived Mind


  • Do you think there’s a link between this and chronic fatigue syndrome, which I’ve been diagnosed with?

    I sleep for a long time, my muscles feel weak and I have a huge lack of energy.

    The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is very much down to Spleen dysfunction which will always have a connection to the Kidneys and many a time we’ll see Liver dysfunction along with it. As I said before, they’re a matrix these three. When the Kidneys are hurt then the Liver weakens and the same occurs the opposite way around too. When the Liver weakens the Spleen can go off balance and well the Spleen balances the Liver. So yes if you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome non of this surprises me if its prostrate issues.

    You really need to boost your Spleen function more. What I would first suggest you try for the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms would be a formula first of a quality 50/50 herbal tincture of Withania somnifera known as Ashwagandha with Olive Leaf extract. Take this tincture formula twice daily at 7.5ml twice a day (15ml daily) and see if theres any differences. I used this formula on my Aunty who was in a mess with similar problems and within a day the changes were startling and she was out planting flowers in the garden, then by day four she was back going out again. She stayed on my program for about four months then went back into sheople mode & stopped but hasn’t suffered with the problem she had previously.

    Usually things can change in days, weeks or months but when it has changed its best to continue for months afterwards before any quitting. Then every two months a year or so, you go back on herbal medicine to keep yourself on top of things so to speak as a preventative. A diabetic reversed of the condition should do two months herbal work per year during the winter time especially, to keep on top of their healing. The Olive leaf aids the adrenal cortex which is another area closely connected with energy similar to the Spleen, I believe Withania would most likely do the same as its a Ginseng from India. Olive leaf also kills viruses and may destroy any biological weapon which may be causing this issue unless its a radiological problem. If its the later then we’d have to naturally chelate the radioactive substances and chemical toxins out of the body then rebuild, nourish and restore.

    Good foods for your Spleen are Jujube dates (Ziziphus). The Hoelen herb I mentioned earlier is a most excellent aid to the Spleen and Kidney matrix. Another wonderful herb for the Spleen is Astraglus which also protects your immunity very well similar to Echinacea but it continues its protection unlike Echinacea which deminishes within 14 days regardless of hype you hear saying otherwise, simply to make sales. Even when you come off Astragalus you have around 1-2 months continued protection, unlike Echinacea or Boneset.

    You must not eat too much sweet food just a nice balanced amount. You must never have white refined sugar as it drains all the energy of the Spleen quickly. You must also never drink or eat cold or freezing products as these destroy the Spleen. If your Spleen isn’t working then your digestion will be dysfunctional and you’ll start having a subclinical malnutrition problems. You should always keep your Kidneys warm so not cold showers, thin layers in cold environments etc. You might want to try the moxibustion mugwort sticks on your Stomach 36 acupuncture point 3.5 inches below your knee and one inch away from the bone to the outside of the body. Do a search on this point and you’ll also find it aids in restoration of Spleen Qi etc. Your problems can be corrected it just needs a little want and herbology.

    -=The Unhived Mind

  • I think it does sound like it’s stemming from my kidneys then.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Do you think I should be having less or more fluids? (I only drink water)

    Also, are there any common fruits or vegetables you’d recommend I eat more of?

    What do you think about the Chronic Fatigue I also mentioned? Do you think this is related or a separate issue?

    There will be a relation my friend there always is when dealing with the Vescera system. You need to correct this and add energy and Qi back into the meridians.

    Just have what fluid you desire but don’t go pumping in masses of fluid because first of all its not needed and two if you have trouble passing it out then you’ll get in trouble quicker than if you’ve had less fluid right? Try blocking your drain in the sink and then filling it with the a small amount of water and a large amount of water.

    Start drinking more herbal teas, even the basic herbal teas from Holland and Barrett are of use. Puer tea is a good Spleen aid although we do not get the best quality Puer as this would be hundreds of pounds and into thousands. The tea bags we have are better than nothing. I take Puer every day and its a good weight loss herb as the Spleen corrects over time. If you believe in the cholesterol kills you myth then Puer is also good for this.

    You want to eat more black/salty foods for your Kidneys and more yellow/sweet foods (in balance) for the Spleen. Okay I’ll give you a list of foods you should start eating:

    Carrot, Pumpkin, CHINESE YAM, OYSTER, CLAM, Apple, Cherries, Watermelon, Strawberry, Pineapple, DOGWOOD FRUIT, Longan fruit, Hawthorn berry, Butterfish, shark, shrimp, rabbit, mutton,black-bone chicken, egg, Chicken, Duck and small amounts of quality honey preferably raw or Manuka from New Zealand with a UMF rating ideally of 10+ or more.

    -=The Unhived Mind

  • dorean

    I want to ask a question for healing heart damage, my mother had heart surgery a few years ago, and is changing her lifestyle with a view to weaning herself off all the medications, she is realising she must look to a future without medical doctors and their drugs. I am specifically looking for information regarding Foxglove leaf, it is difficult to find any constructive information on this plant, found one guy on youtube who takes a leaf once a week for heart. All other online information is steering people away from this as it is said to be very poisonous if overdosed.
    Indeed I would look for any/all info on heart healing. She has turned to a vegan diet some weeks ago but is still on medications. She is in hospital again now, has a constant issue with fluid buildup on the lungs, due to her heart damage. She had a second heart attack in October. She says she will start taking hawthorn berry when she gets out and has started on small doses of cayenne. All advice appreciated.

  • UomoUniversale


    What do you think of nootropics like Piracetam, Aniracetam, Pramiracetam etc.
    I take them along with Alpha-GPC, just to make studying easier, and I know for a fact that they work. The question is what harm could they do? Studies have shown it’s not harmfull , overdose is not even possible and side effects are minimal or rather not noticable at all)

    Do you know anything about these particular supplements?
    (they’re not officialy approved of by the FDA, but that only makes me trust them more)


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