Health Ranger reveals the world’s most powerful anti-cancer foods that work BETTER than chemotherapy, with zero negative side effects and near-zero cost

Health Ranger reveals the world’s most powerful anti-cancer foods that work BETTER than chemotherapy, with zero negative side effects and near-zero cost

Sunday, October 11, 2015
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

The cancer industry is a sham. The “pink ribbon” cancer non-profits are a hoax. Breast cancer “detection” often gives false positives. Chemotherapy is poison that actually causes more cancer, not less, and many people are being treated for “cancer” when they never had cancer to begin with. These are just some of the basic truths about cancer that more and more people are now coming to realize.

Today, I’m bringing you a special edition of the Health Ranger Report where I discuss the world’s most amazing anti-cancer foods that work BETTER than chemotherapy, but without the negative side effects or high cost. These are all foods you can find at your local grocery store.

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You Don’t Have to be Afraid of Cancer Anymore

From the book entitled, “You Don’t Have to be Afraid of Cancer Anymore” by Bill Sardi:

Remarkable and unexpected developments now make it possible to place the greatest cancer-blocking molecules directly into the hands of patients so that cancer prevention can be effectively practiced for the very first time. What’s more, the most potent anti-cancer treatments can be employed at home, without a doctor’s prescription. These include simple remedies such as vitamin D (sunshine), rice bran, flaxseed oil, Brussels’ sprouts, folic acid pill, red wine molecules and garlic cloves, which outperform the best chemotherapy drugs.

You may be surprised to learn that there are no proven anti-cancer agents that can safely be prescribed to prevent cancer, that is, until now. Concurrently, the cancer industry is in a state of chaos and uncertainty. It has begun to doubt itself. “Doctors now wonder whether many women diagnosed with breast cancer could skip chemotherapy altogether. ‘It’s a slightly uncomfortable time,’ says one cancer specialist.

Powerful medicines found in foods work better than expensive, toxic cancer drugs

From the book, “Foods That Fight Cancer, Preventing Cancer through Diet” by Richard Beliveau and Denis Gingras, we learn that foods deliver powerful anti-cancer nutrients to the bloodstream.

These plant-based nutrients exhibit the following cellular properties:

Tumoral invasion and metastasis inhibition
Growth factor receptor inhibition
Inflammatory enzyme (COX-2) inhibition
Transcription factors inhibition
Chemotherapy medication resistance inhibition
Blood clotting inhibition
Antibacterial action
Immune system modulation
Cellular signal cascade inhibition
Toxicity toward cancer cells
Cancer cell cytoskeleton perturbation
Toxin metabolic action inhibition via Phase I (cytochrome P450)
Toxin detoxification activation via Phase II

The principal groups of phytochemicals found in fruits and vegetables

They include:

Sulfur compounds (sulfides)
Phenolic acids
Carotenoids Monoterpenes
Diallyl sulfides Isothiocyanates
Triterpenoids Steroids
Anthocyanidins Flavones Flavanols Flavanones Flavonols Isoflavones Tanins
Hydroxycinnamates Hydroxybenzoates
Stibenes Coumarins Lignans

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