Heidi Klum throws the horned hand symbol on Elle front cover

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    Remember folks that the Phoenician word for Satan was El. Now you have El mirrored which is the Moon Goddess reflection due to her connections with the Earth’s oceans and of course the mirror effect of the transference of the soul into the afterlife. So you have El lE and the horned hand thrown in honor of the God of judgment and time. The God Saturn who castrated Uranus aiding the creation of Lucifer from within the waters on Earth from the blood of the genitals thrown into the sea. The reason the symbol is thrown in the hair is one to be covert and two because the hair is symbolism of the air which it sways and blows within. Who controls the air? It’s the Prince of the Power of the Air called Lucifer the masculine side of the hermaphrodite deity which gets represented as both the upside pentagram meaning masculine and downside pentagram meaning feminine. Is it any wonder they desire the Uranian agenda and the destruction of sex and gender? Notice the unisex toilets coming in now thanks to predictive programming over time like in the BBC soap opera Eastenders programme. Programmes for your supercomputer brain via the right side of the subconscious telling you through vision to program utilizing the television and its flicker rates for brainwashing. They do not use names like this for nothing and these are weapons used against us covertly for social engineering by the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations working with their puppet ‘guiding stars’.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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