Hidden In Plain Sight – Nuclear Blackmail?

Hidden In Plain Sight – Nuclear Blackmail?

Hidden In Plain Sight – Nuclear Blackmail? from UpNorthOfThe49th on Vimeo.

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Based On Investigative Journalist Post:
An Interesting look at the possibility our Nations Collectively could be under Nuclear Threat via factions who have penetrated our Governments. Based on information posted on jimstonefreelance.com.
This video takes a look into the possible components that could be set in place in order to perpetrate such a threat.
The idea of Hidden in Plain Sight is relative to this possibility. Are WE being held hostage while the NWO uses our citizens as human shields to get what they desire?

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  • theunhivedmind


    With the absense of helium 3 around the world, many nations can no longer protect their ports so a nuclear threat can be brought into any nation now, EXCEPT ISRAEL and perhaps Russia and China, disguised as any object. And what objects won’t ever be tampered with? What objects will be put in place and left there untouched for years? What objects are there around the world that are placed in safe locations that are highly prominent and smack dab in the middle of large government oriented cities, that will never be demolished and take enormous public approval to have moved or removed?

    ANSWER: Works of art. You can’t have a butt ugly Magna BSP owl put just anywhere but you SURE can have a butt ugly spider. Though seven of these were made originally, there are many many replicas out there and it would not take a spider, any work of art large enough will do.
    Now onto these spiders

    The body is not even that of a spider, it looks perfectly shaped to house an implosion nuke. I am not saying these spiders which are popping up everywhere have nukes in them, but I will say they would make prime candidates. First of all, it’s an ugly object of dread anyway. Second of all, these are placed in the most prime locations for nuclear weapons to go off. And thirdly, I can’t think of any city that would actually want to have an image like this in a highly prominent location, who cares if the artist was famous, these spiders in fact do not really belong anywhere.

    “The Mother spider?” Yeah right. Why not instead use a nice looking argiope orb weaver, or something else, even a black widow? Try to identify any spider body parts on that thing other than the legs, it’s not even a spider. It is not something made out of respect for anything it is supposed to represent, it is instead a horrendous image of dread and that would work perfect for the psychological aspect of having it be something that could destroy the city around it.

    After retrieving these images off the web, I typed “mother spider nuke” into Google, and the entire topic went dead. I do not know if my computers are rigged to trigger Google or what, but I could no longer get pictures, anything related to Burgeois, the locations they were placed, I could get NADA, google totally went blind on the topic of this spider. HMMMMMM. Interesting indeed, and fortunately I had looked into these spiders fairly well before typing that. A smoking gun? Maybe, maybe not, but the main point is that works of art would be prime for concealing a nuclear threat right out in the open, in front of the public.

    I wanted to make sure this spider could house a nuke before I mentioned this, and managed to get my hands on a photo shot with a really good SLR. This allowed me to process the photo to bring out the shadow detail and see if you could see up inside the spider through the egg sack. Answer? you can’t, it is all sealed off and therefore you could hide a nuke inside.

    Once again, I have received no information about these spiders with regard to nukes, I am only saying that their locations, appearances and relative newness are highly suspicious from a perspective of nuclear blackmail and that with the absense of helium 3 and Israel having no moral compass whatsoever, as well as an inability to launch ballistic nukes due to their political location, getting nukes into works of art would be absolutely prime.

    I can only hope that bringing up the topic of Nuclear Blackmail will cause Israel to BACK OFF if this is the case. After all, if Americans really are in a position to oust their government via fair elections that are not rigged via totally un accountable electronic voting machines, (which is in doubt but worth mentioning the possibility of), and those same Americans oppose the war 91 – 9, ANY continued progress along the path politicians have been taking in DC amounts to political suicide and makes the prospect of nuclear blackmail all the more probable. Only Nuclear Blackmail or some other form of coercion can explain just how much the present government has made it a policy to go against the will of the people.

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