Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are Temporal Coadjutors

Listen to her praise the Jesuit scum as she dines with false-Catholics infested by Jesuit parasitic infections:

Link (listen towards the end)

Clinton praises Jesuit trained Tim Kaine, the Jesuits and the Jesuit anti-pope Bergoglio. Lets not forget her award from Georgetown for all her crusading actions.


The Jesuits and THEIR Vatican serve the TALMUD not the Bible.

Clinton and Kaine are both TEMPORAL COADJUTORS serving masters at GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY and 8600 La Salle Road, MD. Jesuits have never been Catholic and instead they’ve been Talmudic Venetian parasitic infestations which have destroyed all of Christendom. Bergoglio is an Anti-Pope as have all since 1962.

Clinton need not call Trump Vladimir Putin’s horse, she’s the donkey of Arturo Sosa Abascal.

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