Feb 28 2016
Jim Stone


Sit back and watch the slow motion horror show. I do not believe Hillary has yet received a single honest vote cast delegate. I do not believe she ever will. But she will be President, even if she does not receive one vote more than what the Jewish population of America can cast.

If Hillary was not going to be President, even one classified E-mail of the lowest order would have her in jail. What they are doing with the E-mails is the picture of the future, and the picture of reality: Hillary is at the pinnacle of those who have infiltrated and destroyed America. She is the pit of the shadow government. They can let Trump be the Republican candidate and it will not matter, as long as Hillary is there on the democrat side, 200 million Americans could vote for Trump and it will make no difference because there is no real election, Hillary will simply be appointed.

Even if they find a way to flush Trump and hand it all to someone else, Hillary is still likely to be appointed President, and it will all be fronted as the immigrant/minority classes speaking, yes, the “rule of the victim class”. Even if the entire “victim” class votes for Trump, Hillary will win. Because America has no electoral process, only Diebold and the will of Kikedom.

They are now fronting their divide and conquer back up front: That Trump has only the support of aging illiterate white males, who are afraid of going extinct. That is how they are going to front this, and I suggest people not let them get away with it. In reality, a majority of the minority voters want Trump, including practically all the registered Latino community, most women want Trump as well. Hillary is having amazing successes all the while she speaks to small empty rented rooms, if that does not say it all, nothing else will. The writing is on the wall: They fully intend to ram rod Hillary in, against the full and hated will of the American people.

I have been saying this for about a year now, and I have a reason – because I got the very first initial reports about what was really in Hillary’s mail. And it was over 50,000 of the top of the top classified documents, all sold to Russia, China and North Korea. If Hillary did not get hung within 3 days for that, it could only mean that she really is the tip of the spear of the shadow government, and they have gotten so powerful they can tell the Pentagon and entire judical process to stick it. If she can do that, she can steal the elections with flair, and will. There will be no votes counted, only some puffery put up and Hillary receiving appointment. I have said this since day 1 of the email scam, and never wavered.

If Trump somehow does get in, I will gladly eat crow.

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