Hinch names paedophiles during maiden speech

Hinch names paedophiles during maiden speech

Updated: 9:51 pm, Monday, 12 September 2016

Derryn Hinch has remained true to his word, naming and shaming pedophiles in his first Senate speech.

Remarking that his new job would make it easier to protect children without having to return to jail, Senator Hinch vowed to be careful in his use of parliamentary privilege, promising not to be a ‘cowboy’.

‘But if it is necessary to protect a child’s wellbeing then damn right, I will name the human vermin, and I will tonight,’ he told parliament on Monday.

Senator Hinch named four pedophiles, including a man who was sentenced to a minimum of 20 months after his semen was found on the nappy of a toddler in Canberra.

He repeated names of sex offenders including a man known as the Armadale Rapist , who he also named in 2011, for which he was sentenced to five months in home detention.

He also said Australians had a right to know where notorious pedophile Brian Keith Jones, known as Mr Baldy, was now.

‘He’s walking our streets again – we have a right to know who he is, what he looks like and more importantly where he is.’

Senator Hinch has long campaigned to name and shame sex offenders.

He was jailed in 2014 for contempt of court after he published the criminal history of the man convicted of murdering Melbourne woman Jill Meagher on his blog.

He’s also been jailed for naming pedophile priest Michael Glennon, who died in 2014.

Senator Hinch said some of Glennon’s victims could have been saved if his proposed public register for convicted sex offenders had been established.

He promised not to give up until a register was set up, proposing to call it Daniel’s Law after murdered Queensland schoolboy Daniel Morcombe.

‘You have a right to know who is living next door to your family,’ he said.

There weren’t many topics Senator Hinch didn’t manage to cover, having to be told by Senate President Stephen Parry to wrap it up after 45 minutes.

He said he would not be politically correct when it came to ‘Muslim terrorists’, insisting sharia law should never come to Australia.

But he would not support ‘shrill scaremongers who want to ban all Muslim migrants and put CCTV cameras in all mosques’.

The recipient of a donated liver, he also vowed to work on lifting organ donor rates.

He pledged to fight against ‘undemocratic’ compulsory voting, promised to vote against the gay marriage plebiscite and took a swipe at how senators started getting paid from July 1, despite parliament not resuming for another two months.

He complained about rules that restrict photography in the Senate chamber, called for race hate-speech laws to be watered down, vowed to push for voluntary euthanasia and to keep up his campaign to ban live exports, while calling for a nationwide ban on greyhound racing.

He also vowed to fight for reform of the court system describing it as ‘severely flawed’.

‘I may be the oldest person ever elected to the Senate but I still have fire in my belly.’

Speaking to reporters outside the chamber after his speech, Senator Hinch said he would speak with Immigration Minister Peter Dutton this week about removing passports from convicted pedophiles who travel to Asia for child sex tours.

‘That can be done within a few months. It’s tangible.’

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