Hinkley Point: UK approves nuclear plant deal

Hinkley Point: UK approves nuclear plant deal

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The government has given the go ahead for a new £18bn nuclear power station in the UK after imposing “significant new safeguards” for future projects.

The new plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset is being financed by the French and the Chinese.

In exchange, China wants to use its design for new UK nuclear stations.

The state-owned China General Nuclear Corporation said it welcomed the decision and was not concerned about new ownership rules on future projects.

Jean-Bernard Lévy, group chief executive of French firm EDF, which is building the plant, said: “The decision of the British Government to approve the construction of Hinkley Point C marks the relaunch of nuclear in Europe.”
The government said it would now “impose a new legal framework for future foreign investment in Britain’s critical infrastructure”.

Live reaction to Hinkley Point decision

Critics of the deal have warned of escalating costs and the implications of nuclear power plants being built in the UK by foreign governments. France’s EDF is funding two-thirds of the project, with China investing the remaining £6bn.

The Chinese agreed to take a stake in Hinkley and at Sizewell in Suffolk on the understanding that the UK government would approve a Chinese-led and designed project at Bradwell in Essex, which has raised questions over national security.

In a statement, the government said: “After Hinkley, the British Government will take a special share in all future nuclear new build projects. This will ensure that significant stakes cannot be sold without the Government’s knowledge or consent.”

It added: “There will be reforms to the government’s approach to the ownership and control of critical infrastructure to ensure that the full implications of foreign ownership are scrutinised for the purposes of national security.”


Energy Secretary Greg Clark, told the BBC: “I think it was right for a new government to look seriously at all the components of the deal.

“What we have decided is that for critical infrastructure generally we want to make sure our powers in this country are comparable to those of others, to be able to check that national security considerations are taken into account.”

He added: “So what we have done here in Hinkley is require that EDF, the principal operator, guarantees – makes a commitment – that they won’t dispose of their stake without the government’s consent unless and until the plant is built. And in future all nuclear power plants will be subject to the same regime.”

The government has not altered the guaranteed payment of £92.50 per megawatt hour for electricity generated. Shadow energy minister, Barry Gardiner said it was “too high a price” and it should have been renegotiated.

Claire Jakobsson, head of climate and environment policy at EEF ,the manufacturers’ organisation, said it was a relief to see the project going ahead “after months of delays and uncertainty”.

“However, this project will clearly require a vast amount of support and it remains to be seen whether this deal is able to offer value for money. If new nuclear is to continue to play a major role we must see significant reductions in strike prices for future projects,” she added.

Josh Hardie, deputy director-general of the Confederation of British Industry, called the announcement “good news”, adding: “Investors are hungry for further signs from the government that the UK is open for business.”

The decision on investment was approved by EDF’s board in July, and was agreed in principle with China during the state visit by President Xi Jinping to the UK in October 2015.

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    This is wonderful news and in more ways than you can image. We understand how this will keep the Chinese very happy and that’s good for Britain in more ways than you can image but there’s more to this than meets the eye. Did you notice the comment in the article where it says “relaunch of nuclear in Europe”? You do realize that nuclear energy is hated by the Club of Rome and the New Venice Empire. Why? Nuclear energy has lots of potential in helping to increase the energy flux density and especially as we have cleaner nuclear energy and future nuclear based energy systems all of which are currently suppressed. Nuclear energy can catapult human population rates and make dramatic positive changes to the global population. Many were fooled that the New World Order were all for Nuclear energy but this was so far from the truth.

    The Zeusian faction of the elite only utilize personal atomic pigs (underground buried shop front sized nuclear generators which last around two-hundred years maintenance-free) to power their buildings on the cheap whilst the goy never even know those buildings are no longer connected to national grids. Now can you see how these buildings can keep expensive lighting on all night long to shine up those Shem phallics in the night sky of the sky goddess Nuit? The elites will always focus on atomic weapons to bomb the mass goy but they won’t want to power up the goyim with nuclear energy. Your electricity should cost virtually nothing but instead your power costs have risen and will never go down.

    Ever since the attack on Chernobyl we’ve seen nuclear energy become demonized in order to promote fear in the uneducated goy. The last attempt was the Magna BSP Zionist attack on the Fukushima nuclear plant which resulted in the blackmailing of Japan into buying black gold and turning off all nuclear power plants. At the same time all this was going on they were robbing the Bank of Japan robbed through quantitative easing programs veiled as disaster aid. Why? This was a proxy covering for the stopped Federal Reserve quantitative easing program (yes they just swapped it out). Why Japan? Well there were a few reasons but one was an attempt to prevent Iran having its own civil nuclear energy program (more evidence of anti-nuclear progression) since Japan had offered to enrich uranium for Iran. Keep your eyes on nuclear energy as it’s a key area to quantify how well the Prometheans are doing against the Zeusian filth.

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