HIV Propaganda increased – Researchers discover new aggressive HIV strain in Cuba

Researchers discover new aggressive HIV strain in Cuba

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A new more aggressive strain of HIV which can develop into AIDS within three years of infection has been discovered in Cuba, researchers say.

According to Anne-Mieke Vandamme, a medical professor at Belgium’s University of Leuvan, she was first alerted about the new strain by Cuban health officials who were seeking assistance, UPI reported on Saturday.

Vandamme and her research team studied over 70 infected patients and separated them into different groups, one of which was dedicated to those who had swiftly developed AIDS.

“So this group of patients that progressed very fast, they were all recently infected,” she said. “And we know that because they had been HIV negative tested one or a maximum two years before.”

Vandamme added that an HIV infection normally takes five to ten years to become AIDS.

None of the infected had undergone HIV treatment and had developed AIDS within three years, she added.

HIV only swiftly progresses into HIV in patients with weak immune systems, but the cases in Cuba are different.

“Here we had a variant of HIV that we found only in the group that was progressing fast. Not in the other two groups. We focused in on this variant [and] tried to find out what was different. And we saw it was a recombinant of three different subtypes,” she said.

The new strain, dubbed CRF19, is a mixture of HIV subtypes A, D and G, she said.

CRF19 has been observed in Africa but not in a sufficient amount of cases to be extensively studied.

“Another thing was that they had much more virus in their blood than the other patients. So, what we call the viral load was higher in these patients,” Vandamme added.

According to researchers the progression from HIV to AIDS in the new strain happens so fast that it may not be treatable with antiretroviral drugs.


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    This is all pseudo-science from the first claims of HIV till the future continuums such as this one. If you want real information on the farce known as HIV then please study the documentary called ‘House of Numbers’ and the lecture by Robert Wilner amongst other similar pieces of information out there. Do not fall for this great and dangerous scam. You’ll soon see harsher bioweapons put into certain regions of the planet for quicker deaths which will be claimed as super HIV as the cover not to mention drugs will be increased in potency and more importantly price thus getting a quicker malthusian kill rate and having a so-called super HIV as the cover. The price increase in the drugs will match the profits needed to cover the same profit from the previous batch but over a smaller time frame, maybe even more profits. So for example if a AZT1 kills you over five years and makes $20,000 in profits they will want AZT2 to kill you in half the time and still make $20,000 or more thus doubling the price of the drug and using the super HIV farce as the aid to acceptance. Oh yes the Worshipful Company of Apothecaries sure knows how to con you as well as disease you and profit from it before getting the wooden box ready which your family still have to pay for at the end.

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