Holistic cancer treatment pioneer Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez dies suddenly

Holistic cancer treatment pioneer Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez dies suddenly; patients mourn the loss of a compassionate, innovative doctor who helped thousands heal from cancer

Thursday, July 23, 2015
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Holistic cancer treatment pioneer Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez died earlier this morning, apparently from a heart attack, according to reports Natural News has received from close friends. Dr. Gonzalez is best known as a pioneering holistic cancer treatment doctor who helped many thousands of people overcome cancer through the use of complementary and holistic treatment protocols.

“It is with great sadness that the office of Nicholas J. Gonzalez, M.D. relays news of his untimely death on Tuesday, July 21, 2015. The cause of death was cardiac related, it appears, as he suddenly collapsed and was unable to be revived. Dr. Gonzalez was in excellent health otherwise so his passing is quite unexpected,” reports the Dr. Gonzalez website.

Dr. Gonzalez’s influence across the alternative medicine world can’t be overstated. He was loved and cherished by millions, and he was prominently featured in countless books, documentary summits, interviews and articles. He collaborated extensively with Suzanne Somers, author of the widely acclaimed, lifesaving book, “Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer — And How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place.” (The book is a lifesaver for those considering conventional cancer treatments.)

See the complete collection of Dr. Gonzalez’s interviews with Robert Scott Bell at this link. These radio interviews span four years and cover an exhaustive array of topics on cancer prevention and advanced cancer treatments.

Dr. Gonzalez is also the author of What Went Wrong: The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer, where he blew the whistle on a concerted effort by the cancer industry to destroy evidence of a readily available, low-cost cancer treatment protocol that could have saved thousands of lives a year.

“Dr. Gonzalez leaves a legacy of faith, healing, and genuine love for people and the pursuit of medicine. We are heartbroken at this loss, but determined to keep his work and his memory alive,” says his website.

What else we know about his untimely passing

With respect to Dr. Gonzalez and those close to him, there are certain details of his passing which shall remain private. The things we believe are appropriate to share publicly include these facts:

• He passed away alone, and his body was discovered some time after his passing.

• An autopsy has not yet been performed. We are not aware of whether an autopsy is being requested.

• Everyone close to him is shocked of his passing, knowing that he was in excellent health.

There is currently no evidence of foul play in his death. I am aware that a number of people are reporting on what appears to be a sudden wave of seemingly mysterious deaths among alternative medicine doctors and industry pioneers. There will no doubt be a tremendous amount of speculation that asks whether Dr. Gonzalez has somehow been deliberately killed. Such speculation is entirely premature, as none of us are aware of any facts which would support such a notion at this time.

We can’t rule it out, but there is presently no evidence that foul play is to blame here.

Out of respect for the partners, family members and close friends of Dr. Gonzalez who are devastated by this tragic loss of such an extraordinary human being, I am personally asking the natural health community to allow these people the time and space to grieve this devastating loss without the interference of trying to deal with “assassination theories” and similar discussions.

There will be an appropriate time for that analysis, and I will be personally involved in the investigation. However, that time is not today. Today we collectively mourn the loss of an extraordinary human being who helped save countless lives over decades of practicing healing medicine. May his soul be richly rewarded for his contributions to humanity and his courage in standing up for the truth about healing cancer.

Dr. Gonzalez will be lovingly remembered by all of us at Natural News.

– Mike Adams


  • theunhivedmind

    The truth about the “heart attack” gun

    Mythical darts and “mosquito bite” injections to induce heart attacks are old school. These are spoken about now because they are no longer needed. The real heart attack gun is a cell phone (preferably in a shirt pocket.) All cell phones can receive instructions and can send a signal that interferes with your heart’s electrical impulses, when I was in Puerto Vallarta I got targeted, they sent the signal, and I had a serious heart irregularity that snapped me out of my sleep and at the same time the woman downstairs had a heart attack and went to the hospital THAT NIGHT. Obviously the same signal got BOTH of us, and though I was probably the target. I got over it with no problems because I have no heart problems. Synchronized “heart attacks” right down to the minute obviously would be externally caused. Anyway
    There have been a lot of dead doctors lately, and people have made note of how many suicides and accidents have been going on. But there is more to this story, far more doctors have suddenly died of heart attacks, all of them politically important doctors making politically important moves at the time they died. Jardino wrote:

    ” Dr. Nicholas Gonzales was found dead of a heart attack. He was a very effective oncologist, and that’s why the Cancer Industry murdered him. The doctors death count may have exceeded ten by now. Two years ago, someone in the medical field told me that they have invited successful German oncologists to the United States to receive awards. When they arrived here, they were assassinated with the heart attack gun.

    We must deter these heinous Big Pharmafia assassins. Let us inspire health advocates among the citizenry to flood YouTube and Vimeo with the speeches of these courages doctors, so that murderous Big Pharma will lose their war for forced vaccinations, and let us also emphasize that, since Big Pharma is murdering doctors, then how murderous must be their products. Our goal must be to severely hurt Big Pharma’s profits, so that they might stop murdering doctors. JD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSEnurBApdM

    My response: The “heart attack gun” Jardino describes fires a small poison projectile that “feels like a mosquito bite”. But this is old school, why risk having ANY evidence at all be left behind when the doctor’s cell phones can do the job? Yep, they are murdering doctors, and it is not “Big Pharma”, it is the New World Order nailing those who have figured out cancer is a scam, and that vaccines are tainted (the two big groups that are targeted.) At least there is an awareness that not all “heart attacks” are created equal . . . . . .

    Cell phone triggered heart attacks are an old topic here, here is the basic info: The cell phone’s carrier frequency (which is too high to do anything if it is legitimately implemented) is AM modulated at a lower frequency, and these lower frequency modulations on the high frequency carrier signal are what is used to interface with the heart and tell it to beat in a way that is destructive, or to stop entirely. This is starting to, by itself become old school. This is the exact same technology as mind control EM manipulation, that is implemented at frequencies that interfere with the heart, rather than the brain. Cell phones are weapons, a curse to such an extent that I no longer carry one. Even when I have one available, it is rendered useless because if any emergency comes up it gets denied the call EVERY TIME. Why hand the enemy a weapon I paid for? If I HAVE TO carry a cell phone it goes in a pants pocket, and on several occasions it has triggered muscle spasms in my legs, no doubt meant for my heart (hoping it was in a shirt pocket)

  • “Explosive: The real reason Holistic Doctors are being killed and vanishing!”


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