Hollywood Actress Sharon Stone gets sued for racial abuse


Sharon Stone is being sued by a former nanny for harassment

Friday May 25,2012
By Mark Reynolds

THE Hollywood actress Sharon Stone is being sued by a former nanny for harassment and wrongful dismissal, it emerged yesterday.

Erlinda Elemen also accuses the Basic Instinct star of making racist comments about her Filipino heritage and being “dismissive” of her religious beliefs.

She claims Ms Stone falsely accused her of stealing after she learned she was being paid overtime and cut her pay.

According to a lawsuit lodged with the Los Angeles Superior Court, the 54-year-old actress, who has three adopted sons, Roan, aged 12, Laird, seven, and four-year-old Quinn, hired Ms Elemen in 2006 and promoted her to head nanny two years later.

It is alleged that the Oscar-nominated star told her employee not to speak to the children because she did not want them to talk like her and made comments which “equated being Filipino with being stupid”.

The nine-page complaint filed on Wednesday accuses Ms Stone of making repeated derogatory comments about Miss Elemen’s heritage and her “deeply-held religious beliefs”.

Now she is obviously looking for another opportunity to cash in

The former live-in nanny’s lawyer, Solomon Gresen, said the star made Miss Elemen “feel as if her ethnicity was offensive and would somehow adversely effect her children’s upbrin­ging”.

Miss Elemen claims she moved into Ms Stone’s house in 2008 and began travelling with the actress and the children until she was fired last year. Mr Gresen also alleges in court papers that Ms Stone said Filipino people were stupid.

And he claims she criticised Miss Elemen for frequently attending church and, on one occasion, forbade her from reading the Bible in her room.

She is said to have claimed it was illegal for Miss Elemen to have taken the overtime payments and asked for the money back.

In a statement last night, the actress’s spokesman Paul Bloch dismissed the lawsuit as absurd and frivolous.

“It has been filed by a disgruntled ex-employee who is obviously looking to get money any way she can,” he said.

“After she was sacked about 18 months ago she filed claims for alleged disability and workers’ compensation.

“Now she is obviously looking for another opportunity to cash in.

“This is a frivolous lawsuit of absurd claims that are made-up and fabricated and Sharon Stone will be completely vindicated in court.”

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