Homeless In El Cajon

Homeless In El Cajon

July 30, 2015

“Within 20 miles of the Pacific Ocean, in a Southern California valley near San Diego, surrounded by rolling hills, lies the diverse and energetic community of El Cajon.”

“Marla Rogers” 65, is an educated homeless woman. Despite living
in an increasingly socialist country, there really is no social safety net
for people who stumble and fall.

“There is no soup kitchen in this town, no food bank for the homeless, no free housing. No one ever tells the truth which encourages crime. Everyone has some form of mental defect, dysfunction, addiction, severe violent emotional, dangerous reaction to ordinary events.”

by Marla Rogers

It has been several years since we talked/wrote. I am still in the same poverty/homeless town of EL Cajon, California.

As I said before, this town resonates to the vibration of intense poverty, homelessness, violent criminals, mentally ill, dangerous predators, addictions of nicotine, alcohol and drugs, etc. I am still homeless and struggling in ways you cannot believe. I am in a place that has no kitchen, bed or bathtub; it is just a place to sleep, no not a shelter.

My neighbor is an Arab Jew-hater homeless male who deceived the owner into renting him a place. He lives there 24/7 and is a real annoyance as he has come out half naked, puts his kitchen chairs on the sidewalk to block people walking, etc.

He attacked me on Weds, July 22, 2015. He tried to kick in my glass door, cursed me with profanities and threatened to kill me. He committed this violence three times. On Friday, July 24, Arab males spotted me walking down a sidewalk, ran to get him at his hangout and he spat at me. Neither the owner nor the manager would evict this Arab or demand that he stop his violent crimes against me.


I was lured to EL Cajon by the ufo cult Unarius, currently a group of 10 con artists. I have a background in communications; teaching, consulting, writing, producing and hosting radio shows. In my radio show, “Pearls of Wisdom,” I taught women money saving tips. I wrote a book entitled, “Solutions and Answers to Problems, A to Z” which I broadcast in 26 teaching lectures over the radio.

In 1997, I heard an infomercial given by a Unarius member who described the cult as a venue where teachers taught past life information and where licensed therapists gave past life therapy and they did frequent radio shows. I called their 800 number to find out more. They sent me their books and began subliminally deceiving me with promises of how wonderful EL Cajon was.

They told me how easy it was to work and live in their town. They concealed the facts that they did not have teacher’s licenses nor a medical license to do therapy – which is medical malpractice. I believed their lies and upon arriving in El Cajon, I was put in the home of the Unarius member who broke me down and raped me.

Unarius lied on the radio and they lied to me for two years in order to lure me to them so they could steal my money for their useless classes and, so they could set me up to be raped. I collapsed several times.


I found out there was no economy in EL Cajon, and, every time I rented an apartment the manager would steal my deposit money which deprived me of the ability to rent the next apartment.

The main theme in this evil town is one of extreme cruelty, selfishness, greed, lying, setting people up to fail and refusing to solve problems. For the entire month of November 2014, the homeless lived in front of my place and blocked my door, yet no one would resolve the problem.

I cannot understand why this evil town could find $16,000,000 dollars in their budget to build a superfluous police station, when they already had a modern one, yet the politicians falsely claim they have no funds to build an sro (single room occupancy) facility to house the homeless. There is no soup kitchen in this town, no food bank for the homeless, no free housing. No one ever tells the truth which encourages crime. Everyone has some form of mental defect, dysfunction, addiction, severe violent emotional, dangerous reaction to ordinary events. El Cajon is like one huge mental institution for the criminally insane because no amount of logical reasoning ever works.

Vacant dirty plots of land are alongside lavish million dollar homes while addicted, mentally ill homeless people roam the streets, and barbed wire is seen all over.

I don’t believe that we learn from our tragedies, disasters and hardships. We learn how to recognize evil but usually only after the experience occurred. Perhaps my pain and suffering for the last 17 years can be useful in helping others learn how to avoid tragedies in their own lives and how to detect fraud and deception before it can harm them.


I would say I am cursed or jinxed but I know you don’t believe in that stuff. No matter how hard I have tried, prayed and searched, i cannot find a way to get out of this town- mental institution prison for the criminally insane.

This town DOES NOT respond to crimes, pain, suffering, dysfunction, etc. This town is run by sadists who love to see victims targeted and abused, hurt and damaged and broken down.

Now, I have no hope left of ever getting out of this hell alive.

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First Comment from Al Thompson:

I find it amazing that people still get suckered into these groups. If I could give any advice, I would say stay away from groups altogether. I’ve never had any good experiences within groups. There’s always some jerk who will infiltrate it and cause trouble; just because they can.

This group is a quasi-religious group and it is good for nothing. I feel the same way about any religious organization. They will rape your mind and sometimes rape your body. That’s what satanic groups do; that’s their whole point. Why be surprised? Anyone who joins religious type groups is really asking for it. All of them lie about what they believe and they are extremely hypocritical.

Marla had a lot of money and a home and she left all that to go along with this nonsense? Of course, she was lied to and that’s the bait cults use to get people to join something that is bad for them. My recommendation is to stay away from all of them because you really don’t know who is going to do you damage.

In my view, there is no value in any of these religions. I wish there was but the facts bear out the truth that they are all mostly liars.
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