How to avoid assassination if you’re alternative media

Because they are poisoning alt media, I have specific instructions in how to avoid it.

Jim Stone -23 Oct 2016


The VERY BEST way to get killed is to drive the same road at the same time and go to the same store at the same time and get the same coffee/pop/donut/apple/whatever and then walk the same trail and the same stairway on your way to the same place every single day. They will latch onto that behavior in less than a week flat and you’ll be dead. They will know what donut you will grab, what stairway you will walk, and then plan perfectly to take you out at the perfect time, location, or the perfect donut they KNOW you will buy, because if you never randomize chances are they can calculate which one you will actually get.

Want to know another great way to die? Keep frequenting the same fast food restaurant. All they will do is have an undercover Mossad agent or other agent hire on there (chances are a super busy McDonalds franchise already has someone somewhere in it they can transfer and use because the method is so common) and if they do not, they’ll get in within 3 days flat even if there is no hiring. And you will get a very special Big Mac. Your last Big Mac. Restaurants are an absolute FAVORITE method of killing people. And you will die from something the restaurant does not normally serve, so there won’t be a proper investigation.

The bottom line: Have several routes home. I have 5. Rotate them, so they can’t predict with precision where you will be. NEVER EVER EVER set up a pattern of buying the same food item ANYWHERE. Always rotate where you buy, and what you buy. Additionally, rotating fast food restaurants won’t cut it, if they know you eat at X location with X frequency you will be dead in X days. They absolutely will have someone temporarily camp out at a place you occasionally eat because if it only takes a week or two to get you, that’s worth it.

ADDITIONALLY: you had better make sure your home is secure or the coffee will get you. Or the sugar. Or whatever. Having everything actually latch (like a dead bolt) and latching locks on the windows is a MUST. They won’t break a latch like a thief will because they want everything concealed. Make sure your home is set up in a way where any entry is a BREAK and enter, not credit card in the door latch access.

While traveling, even for short distances (to work, etc) take the battery out of the cell phone also. Now is the time to do it, the time between now and the election is obviously going to be hairy for everyone in the alt media.

NEVER GET DRUNK, EVER. They will nail you while drunk.

NEVER LET NEW PEOPLE INTO YOUR LIFE, ESPECIALLY IF THEY INTRODUCE THEMSELVES FIRST. They’d love to nail you with a new girlfriend/boyfriend. And they will be a dream . . . . until you dream your last, which won’t take long.

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