Which country? Let’s start with AUSTRALIA …. because AUSTRALIANS are a GLOBAL JOKE…. a PUSH-OVER.

A “GLOBAL JOKE” is how Australia’s BANKING system was described because Australians accept VARIABLE INTEREST RATES as the terms of loan contracts …. which is about as asinine as asinine gets. When they are told that “variable interest rates render a contract void for uncertainty”, Australians, because their I.Q.levels are lower than the belly of a Blue Tongue Lizard, fail to understand what that means …. plus they fail to recognize even the most blatant of lies they are told, such as: “But you signed it and that makes it legal.” and “Oh yes, but the certainty is the uncertainty.”

I kid you not!

Therefore, Australians are so gullible … so easily conned …. so stupid – they’ll believe any cock-and-bull story put their way dressed up as an “ACT OF PARLIAMENT”. The results always are that the BANKSTERS do whatever they like ….. they create money out of thin air ……. they have Australian “Judges” rubber stamp any Foreclosures without hint of the lawful Judgments of JURIES ….. etc. The BANKSTERS are exactly what they are…….THEY ARE THIEVES who “only come to steal and kill and destroy” (John 10: 10).

Not being content with that, the same MODUS OPERANDI is applied to STEALING THE EARTH, itself … and, by that I mean TAKING THE LAND and all that is in it.


1. Have “Acts of Parliament” put in place that STRIP the PEOPLE of the RIGHT TO PROPERTY, and

2. Make sure that the “Judges” DENY PEOPLE the RIGHT to a fully informed JURY.

So what if there is a legal Maxim that says, “When someone owns land they own everything above it to an indefinite height and everything below to an indefinite depth.”? …… simply spin a line that “Oh no. What is under your land really belongs to THE CROWN*. You are only a TENANT on that land and you must obey every statute and by-law made by any Parliament and/or Council.”

I kid you not!

[ * re: THE CROWN. Isn’t it rather funny/suspicious, when one sees all this corporatization going on and the “granting of mining licences” with “5 year exemptions from paying royalties”, etc., while Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland answers letters from someone like David Walter by saying, “If you don’t collect this whining drivel, we’re going to throw it in the trash can.”(or words to that effect)?

This is how I started a recent email to a fellow up in Queensland who is in the Dalby Magistrates Court, today:


To: Drew Hutton,
Lock the Gate Alliance,

A SLAVE is a person whose CONSENT is IMMATERIAL.

A SLAVE is a person who has NO RIGHT to PROPERTY.

A SLAVE is a person who has NO RIGHT to TRIAL BY JURY.”

He was on the radio, this morning, on the Alan Jones program on 2GB. One positive note was that he and Alan Jones were using the word, “land-owner”, rather than “land-holder” … and that is good. Drew Hutton said the court case may go on for several days…… in a Magistrates Court????? ….. WITHOUT A JURY??????

Now is the opportunity for a bit of STRAIGHT TALKING.

1. Why does Drew Hutton tell this Magistrate, “Listen here, Charlie. This is TOO IMPORTANT to entrust it to anyone inferior to WE THE PEOPLE. It’s gotta go to TRIAL BY JURY. So, tell the Sheriff to get out the rolls and start assembling some JURORS.”?

2. Why does someone tell these Coal Seam Gas Mining Companies to “RACK OFF. This is MY LAND and I OWN what is under MY LAND.”?

3. Why does someone tell the POLICE, “DON’T TRESPASS on MY LAND.”?

…….. but, we’re talking about Australians, here …… they’ve been getting the “Mushroom Treatment” for so long, commonsense (let alone Common Right) is quite beyond them.

Otherwise, it’s a case of “HOW YOU STEAL A COUNTRY”.

John Wilson, Chairman, Australian Common Law Party.
(…. holding on to a belief that “While there’s life, there’s hope.”)

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