How TOR can be rendered irrelevant

How TOR can be rendered irrelevant

Jim Stone Nov 10 2014

If you are either great with computers or not living under the thumb of a Western government, Tor (may) still be safe. However, if you make even the simplest of errors on the web, Tor can be rendered completely useless and the recent TOR busts that have been widely publicized prove it.

Here are the big ways people make mistakes with tor:

1. Use Gmail, Yahoo, or any other big mail provider. How can this wreck TOR for you? Easy. All it takes is for any of these keyword searching mail providers who feed everything straight to the NSA to find anything in your mail that matches anything the NSA is looking for. When that happens, your computer will be permanently bugged on log in to that E-mail account.

When you log into a site like Gmail, you are at the mercy of that web site and they do not have to give you only what you ask for. If you have been flagged for tracking, all it takes is a log in, and as part of logging in they can send a few lines of code that tell your computer to report everything it does to an NSA server. Once your computer has been intentionally compromised with a tiny program that would take zero seconds to come in (it takes only a tiny program to do this) the original IP and everything you did can be sent straight to the government and it will be meaningless to even have TOR installed at all.

And I would be willing to make a bet that Gmail now does this to ALL COMPUTERS TARGETED OR NOT, I have no inside contact telling me so, but I know this can be done and if it can be done it will be done. And what about Windows 8? Think that program is not set up to rat you out no matter what, OUT OF BOX? If the NSA is recording everything everyone does on the web anyway, why not have the major web sites the NSA runs be honey pots for planting bugs on computers? Why not have Microsoft just do it? If you think they would not do that, you might as well have a horse and buggy.

2. An Intel CorevPro processor can definitely be permanently bugged, and possibly all processors since Centrino can be as well. All are risky, but if you think you can just load TOR and happily hop around the web with the latest I7, you really need to wisen up. None of the latest Intel processors can be secured against the NSA, if you want secure it had better be VERY OLD INTEL or AMD. This has been a recurring theme on this web site, which has proven long ago that Intel simply cannot be secured. Security with an Intel processor means a 12 year old on Hack forums might not get you, but the NSA? Think again!

3. What about Linux? Linux cannot be assumed to be safe now either. Every time a team decides to try to go all the way through all common Linux distros looking for bugs, they do not finish and their sites go dead. I have paid attention, and there have been zero successful audits of any linux distro since 2008. No one ever manages to actually do it, though many talk about doing it. There has to be a reason for this, and I suspect Linux has been compromised and anyone who talks about auditing linux gets bumped Off and buried. A gig of code is a LOT OF CODE, that is damn difficult for individuals to dig through an analyze. I strongly believe the linux bloat has been intentionally done to hide something, Linux does not need to have that much code, something is probably amiss.

So what would I suggest?

Here is what I do. I still think the best bet is Linux, (Mac and MS can be assumed trash) But you HAVE TO be smart about using Linux. HERE IS HOW:

Get the oldest distro that allows you to do everything you need without having tons of errors come up, and run it from the oldest possible computer from a live CD. Do this on something powerful that is not modern. If you access Gmail, reboot before doing anything else. My computer will boot live in less than 2 minutes. That is pretty good and once running it still runs circles around Windows machines, even though it is running live.

Access Gmail. Reboot. Access Yahoo. Reboot. Do your business, reboot. And if you do this from public wifi hot spots, you will remain anonymous No permanent bug can be put on your system with this method.

Is my method safe? Who knows. But I can tell you one thing, if you are running Microsoft on the latest Intel processor, you are being foolish if you think TOR is going to save you.


  • theunhivedmind

    The answer is to not use sites like Gmail and look for providers outside the Five Eyes network. You should then not use Linux and instead you an optimized and streamlined operating system like AmigaOS. Then try to source a computer with the new up and coming Russian ARM chipsets or the Chinese Yeelong chipsets. If you cannot get these chipsets then I guess you’ll have to go with Freescale processors like the Amiga X1000.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  • cando

    looks what they say when they get to slackware is run by one dude

    • theunhivedmind

      Yes my friend slackware is interesting see as its run by just one guy and especially if he’s a normal independent being not attached to criminal nefarious companies.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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