How Wrong Thinking Can Destroy Our Species

How Wrong Thinking Can Destroy Our Species

10 Feb 2015

The Obama administration is currently implementing policies, on the economy generally and on Ukraine specifically, which have the planet careening towards a thermonuclear showdown between the United States and NATO, on one side, and Russia and China, on the other. This is tantamount to grounds for impeachment of Obama, Lyndon LaRouche stated today. Under British policy direction, Obama has placed the U.S. on a trajectory to war, and through the likes of the State Department’s Victoria Nuland, he has unleashed Nazis—true Nazis, with documented historic ties to Adolf Hitler—who are threatening the very existence of Russia. As Obama muses publicly about sending weapons to Ukraine, today’s Moscow Times headlined its report simply: “Russia Would See U.S. Moves to Arm Ukraine as Declaration of War.”

Behind such strategic blunders and provocations, is a distinctly flawed philosophy and way of thinking. For example, in their dealings with Russia, Obama and the British are totally wedded to utilitarian behavior modification, along the lines of Bentham’s felicific calculus. In his comments yesterday after meeting with Merkel, Obama again stressed that if Russia doesn’t cave in to his demands, the U.S. “can ratchet up the costs to Russia,” and will consider “what other means we can put in place to change Mr. Putin’s calculus.” Similarly, Ashton Carter, in written responses to Congress on his nomination as Secretary of Defense, not only argued for arming Ukraine, but for pressuring them on supposed INF Treaty violations:

“US responses must make clear to Russia that if it does not return to compliance, our responses will make them less secure than they are today.”

That is insane, LaRouche commented succinctly. And such insanity only increases the danger of war, since the Russians arenot going to respond the way behaviorists predict, because that is not the way the functional human mind actually operates. They will respond asymmetrically, creatively, based on a sense of human and national identity that has nothing to do with Bentham’s felicific calculus. Unlike animals, where the premises of behavior modification apply, Man’s mind functions from a distinct concept of a future-under-construction, and acts to change current parameters to ensure such a future is created—something no animal, or utilitarian, can do.

Operating otherwise, as the British inherently do, will truly lead to war by miscalculation—the biggest miscalculation of all, related to the nature of Man.

Our job, Lyndon LaRouche emphasized today, is not to describe this situation, but to specify what we must do to change it, immediately. And that is very simple. We must bankrupt Wall Street, LaRouche stated, because it and the whole trans-Atlantic financial system is hopelessly bankrupt, as we see clearly in the case of Greece. Any further attempt to keep it alive, will only blow up the nations of the trans-Atlantic region all the quicker, and all the more explosively. The fact is that Wall Street is bankrupt, and only idiots and fools—and those who fear them—believe otherwise.

They are obviously bankrupt, LaRouche continued. All the accounts show it; the rate of bankruptcy is accelerating; and efforts to paper it over with additional quantitative easing is particularly dangerous, because that will simply blow the whole system wide open in short order, and no one will survive.

So shut it down, LaRouche stated. Put it in receivership. And create a new institution, under federal control, to stabilize the situation, and create new federal guaranteed credit. Then set that new credit to work, to create rising productive powers of labor centered on high energy flux density projects.

Wall Street won’t like it. But 99.99% of the human race will. That is the only alternative to war, chaos and massive planetary depopulation.

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