Hugo Chavez Cancer Treatment: President To Return To Cuba For Tests


CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Monday he will return to Cuba next week to undergo a series of medical tests to evaluate his cancer treatment.

“I’ll be in Cuba next week because they have to conduct very rigorous examinations that are possible thanks to Cuban technology,” said Chavez, speaking during a brief telephone interview broadcast on state television.

Chavez said he’s currently undergoing constant treatment, exercising and meeting with doctors as part of his efforts to totally recuperate. He said he even sunbathes under the Caribbean sun.

The president finished four rounds of chemotherapy treatment in Cuba last month and he said he is “under constant observation of my doctors” while attending to day-to-day government tasks.

Chavez underwent surgery in Cuba in June to remove a tumor from his pelvic region. He has not revealed what type of cancer he is battling, but he has said that tests have shown no signs of a recurrence.

Chavez vowed last week to win next year’s election and govern Venezuela for another six years or more. He said he is drafting a national development plan that would run through 2030.

“I have a very big commitment with all of you,” Chavez said.

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