I hate to say it, but it looks like there might be war with Russia

September 18 2016

I hate to say it, but it looks like there might be war with Russia

The pipe bombs on the East Coast, the mall attack which was first announced as having happened in Canada and then got moved to Minnesota, and a damning airstrike in Syria sure add up to it.

UPDATE: Russia backed down, stating a U.S. airstrike in Syria was “on the edge between gross negligence and direct assistance to Islamic State terrorists.” That is a lot cooler than what they were saying last night, and indicates to me that Russia would rather back down than go into a larger war over it.

Now that Hillary is toast, they have to get the war going with Obama instead. Clearly Hillary is 100 percent fake now, regardless of how they try to front her because once you glitch your computer generated image of her, her illusion is not coming back. I see the recent events as being directly tied to Hillary being toast one way or another.

1. Here is how it all started: Hillary got arrested last Sunday (if not arrested, incapacitated) and they blue screened her in North Carolina, no ifs or buts. Even the trolls are admitting it was blue screen now because of the glitches, which they can’t argue against in any way whatsoever, so their fall back is that Yes it was blue screen why does that matter? Well, it matters BIG TIME in the real world.

2. With Hillary no longer available in the real world to kick off world war 3, the U.S. openly attacked Syrian troops and killed between 62 and 200 of them (reports vary), along with a few Russians, possibly to get the war going early while Barack Obama is still in power because they know Trump won’t start a war.

3. As a result of the attacks, Russia has gone to the U.N. stating in unambiguous terms that ISIS is a defacto branch of the U.S. military.

4. The United States pulled out of the U.N. security council over the comments by Russia, which would be done as a precursor to war. CNN blacked out over this.

5. To squelch all sympathy for Muslims in the run up to a huge war, a rash of pipe bombings in the name of Islam were set off on the East coast, and a gasoline pipeline was probably attacked as well. Additionally, a stabbing attack at a mall which was first reported as happening in Canada got moved to Minnesota.

6. NOT A HOAX AS TROLLS ARE SAYING: “Russia is demanding a full and detailed explanation for the attacks on its forces in Syria from Washington, along with an explanation for the U.S. supporting ISIS. That explanation must be given at the UN Security Council.”

Rather than give an explanation, Samantha Powers instead opted to insult Russia, which triggered a walk out.
So things got interesting. They even did a machete attack at a mall in Canada to frame up Muslims. UPDATE: They moved this to Minnesota. It is all fake. Pipe bombs here, machetes there, and let’s all wait for act 3. If they are willing to CG hillary, they are willing to go the extra lap for anything.

All of this is, as I see it, probably a jump start to war after Hillary was eliminated for one reason or another at the 911 ceremony. They have to get it done before Trump gets in. They tried desperately to take Trump out by saying Trump poisoned her, but that was a laugh that did not fly. So now we have this.

And by the way, it is not Trump +7, it is Trump 90/10. They are still faking it, which means they have not given up yet.

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