Jim Stone
20 Oct 2016

Someone affiliated with Wikileaks managed to get a photo of Assange posted to Twitter, showing him arrested in front of the embassy. The photo was almost instantly removed by Twitter. THAT PHOTO WAS PROBABLY THE REASON FOR THE TWITTER OUTAGE THAT HAPPENED TODAY, MOST LIKELY THE OUTAGES WERE DONE BECAUSE TOO MANY PEOPLE WERE TRYING TO POST SOMETHING DAMNING, AND THAT PHOTO WAS PROBABLY IT. The attacks happened immediately AFTER these photos were posted. No one in the MSM wants it known that Assange was taken out. The dead man switch went off, and some of the really good stuff got released, which is already linked here (and has been for days.) The Wikileaks organization (may have) been usurped, view all further releases with the utmost scrutiny. Scrutiny is the word here, do not ignore them.

If Assange shows up at the embassy, alive and well, I’ll be eating a lot of crow. But I do not think he will, and remember, I do not make predictions. I am saying this because I was online all night that night, saw everything posted, and concluded THAT NIGHT that he was poisoned or arrested, and now think it was both – poisoned and then forced to go to the hospital, via an arrest outside the embassy door. Assange has yet to show up in the embassy window. With all of the hoopla, WHY NOT? It has been most of a week now, WHY NOT?

REMEMBER: If they can turn Wikileaks into a self discrediting propaganda front now, they will. Already enough was released to do the job, we don’t need more. Don’t ignore any new releases, but view all new releases with scrutiny to make sure you are not being bamboozled, and go through the old stuff and EXTRACT EVERYTHING.

The arrest of Assange was reported late Monday night/early Tuesday CST WHILE I WAS ONLINE, getting the latest of the latest late night stuff. Most likely, Assange was poisoned while arrested and a deal was made that he either leaves the embassy for medical treatment, WITH THE POLICE, or dies there. FINAL ANSWER. The latest posts by Wikileaks, that are getting deleted quickly confirm what I have said all along.

I don’t repeat and repeat and repeat when a story is B.S., if I stick with it I have a reason to.

1. Until Assange shows his face, I am sticking with he’s dead or detained.

The latest stuff supposedly being leaked is suspected by some people to be so fantastic and “out there” that it is planted. One big one was a mail attachment from a research firm that said an alien invasion would be faked to stall the election. I looked over it closely and the stats included were accurate, and the projection technology exists, but it seems really far out there. Be forewarned that if Assange is dead or detained that they won’t stop wikileaks, dead or alive. The classic tactic after a hostile forced and silenced takeover will be to then use the outlet to publish fantastic unbelievable stuff that destroys credibility. Wikileaks, in my opinion, is probably going through this now, my position is that it was over a week ago, the moment Assange was “cut off”, which would not be possible to accomplish for reasons I have stated repeatedly. ASSANGE DID THE DEAD MAN RELEASE, AND ALMOST NO ONE PUBLISHED IT. That’s what I would expect in a real scenario also, the real dead man switch release is on this page, farther down.

2. I “painted civil war targets with too broad a brush?”

Yesterday I posted a list of who needs to be taken out in a civil war. I am not backing down. It is accurate. If you don’t like it, cry in the basement while the job gets done by others. If you know a Trump supporter who works ANY of those positions, and does their job of destroying the country anyway, it does not matter if they support Trump, how “nice they are” or if they are your sister. If they are doing the job, they have proven that whatever it is they want in their own lives is more important than the good of everyone else, Trump supporter or not.

In any war, a majority of the people killed are “good people”. That’s a fact. And if you are “good” and you work for the enemy, TOUGH LUCK.

3. Some people are worried about Trump’s stand on 911

I’ll say it like it is. Despite a few public statements he’s made, Trump knows Arabs did not do 911. He is a builder, and he knows what can happen. He knows the towers were demolished. He was out talking about it on 911, saying NO WAY did planes bring the buildings down. He’s let out a few other things that let the observant know he knows the story of 911 is bullshit. He’s an obvious closet truther. This is to be expected of anyone who has a massive intelligence. But Trump is also a businessman. And there are some things in business you need to act on while shutting up about it. Too many people are still stupid about 911. And Trump knows that. He can’t go there until he is in a position to act on it. Additionally, if he came out and said Bush did 911 BEFORE he gets elected, he’d have his own plane crash into the Trump casino when taking off from Las Vegas.

Put him in. Wait a few weeks. The problem will be solved.

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