IAEA delegates to travel to Tehran for talks

IAEA delegates to travel to Tehran for talks

Fri Oct 3, 2014 10:1AM GMT

A delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) plans to visit the Iranian capital, Tehran, in the coming days to continue talks with Iranian officials.

Iran’s Ambassador to the IAEA Reza Najafi said on Friday that Tero Varjoranta, the deputy director general and head of the Department of Safeguards of the nuclear monitoring body, will head the team.

The envoy also expressed concern about Iran’s secret nuclear information obtained by the IAEA leaking out.

“It is regrettable that classified information in the agency has not been protected again, and while Iran and the agency were busy planning [the meeting], the news was published by a Western media outlet,” he said.

“This issue once again confirms Iran’s misgivings that spying exists in the agency,” Najafi said.

He also called on IAEA chief Yukiya Amano and other officials to fulfill their responsibilities regarding the confidentiality of information obtained from Iran.

Iran and the IAEA have been holding talks on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear energy program almost simultaneously with discussions between Iran and the P5+1 – the permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany – on the same issue.

Iran and the IAEA signed a joint statement on November 11, 2013, to outline a roadmap for mutual cooperation on certain outstanding nuclear issues.

On May 21, the two sides held a technical meeting on the Framework for Cooperation agreed in November 2013. During the meeting, they agreed on five practical measures which were to be implemented by August 25.

On September 15, Amano confirmed that Iran had enforced three of the five transparency measures, saying Tehran and the IAEA had begun talks on the implementation of the two remaining measures.

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