As Alex Jones asks if he is on the hit list of George Soros puppet, Hillary Clinton, and speculation grows about whether Vladimir Putin has just escaped an assassination attempt, I want my readers to know that if I am killed here in Greece in the next few weeks, you know who was behind it. George Soros, Alexis Tsipras and Jean Claude Juncker.



Soros, one of the best known New World Order Globalists reads my blog. Just one day after I posted a report on September 25th, 2015, about the need to stop the migrant influx flooding Europe, and mentioning George Soros himself, he published a report using the many of my exact same phrases, as virtually the same nouns and verbs, (see screenshots below with red boxes highlighting the similarities). In his article called “Rebuilding the Asylum System, Soros made the opposite policy recommendation, namely, favouring open borders (which is why his report is not an almost identical match linguistically).

I have written by hand the identical multi word phrase Soros uses (albeit in a different order) as I used in the margins in red ink and also highlighted the same nouns and verbs with red boxes.

Here is my report from the day before…You can see the same multi word phrases handwritten in the margins of my blog post as Soros uses the next day, albeit in a different order indicated by the numbers.

George Soros reads my blog so attentively that in 24 hours he mirrored it in a report he penned for Project Syndicate. That shows the power of the new media. One of the most powerful Globalists checks out my blog.

Soros, the man The Jerusalem Post has accused of being a megalomaniac orchestrating a campaign of global chaos reads my blog and lifts whole sentences from it.

Hacked documents from the Open Society Foundations reveal how this same Soros has funneled billions of dollars to non-profit organizations throughout the world to undermine the ability of national and local authorities in Western democracies to uphold the laws and values.

The OSF turns out to be criminal organization like Quantum or Spectre in the James Bond films, staying in the shadows and contracting thrid parties to avoid implicating itself, also in targeting critics and opponents.

In addition, Soros is a member of the exclusive Billionaire’s Club of David Rockefeller and Bill Gates who met in 2009 to discuss ways of curbing the globe’s population as reported by The Times.

He is a funder of Ecowas, the organization that played a key role in spreading Ebola in West Africa in 2014.

Soros is the single biggest donor to the Hillary Clinton. Her handler, he gave her email instructions on how to handle unrest in Albania.

“The first thing you should know about us, is that we have people everywhere.”
Mr. White says in the Quantum of Solace giving an MI6 mole the cue to turn on Bond.

Including, we now know, in the Oval office.

We find out Hillary Clinton has been running a shadow government from a secret email server to circumvent all scrutiny from democratically elected bodies and FOIA requests during her time as secretary of state.

And now this operative of the NWO Globalists, whose aim is to end the sovereignty of the USA and set up a new one world government, controlled by a consortium of banking families, is running for presidency with Soros’ money.

Soros, the man we now know from hacked documents to be the real policymaker in the USA, has targeted by blog in person.

Hacked document also show it was Soros who virtually ruled the Ukraine in 2014 and now rules Greece through his puppet Tsipras.

The stakes are high.

The game is deadly.

Soros and the Globalists are magnitudes more lethal than any James Bond villain.

Just three weeks after Glenn Thomas, WHO spokesperson, and Dr Pierre Formenty prevented a declaration of Ebola as an international emergency, something which triggers global pandemic plans including provisions for forced mass vaccinations with vaccines that give people Ebola according to study published online in The Lancet, Glenn Thomas was dead.

He was killed allegedly in the MH17 plane crash in the Ukraine in 2014 which has been blamed on the Kiev junta by Malaysia. We now know from leaked documents that Soros virtually ruled the Ukraine at that time, mainly through the US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt. Soros was not only almost certainly the man behind the killing of Glenn Thomas. He then tried to exploit his death and the plane crash and manipulate his media to escalate tensions against Russia in a bid to drag the USA, UK and European armies into acting as his private mercenary force to get control of Russian oil and resources.

Globalist kingpin Soros doesn’t read this blog to find out what I think. He reads it to find out what information powerful people around the globe will get from my blog to thwart plans for a total take over of our world by a criminal elite set on global tyranny.

The way he mirrored my blog post about migration in September 2015 also seems to be a secret method of sending instructions to his politicians in a covert communication system of the kind portrayed in the James Blond film Quantum of Solace.

After Alex Jones posted Soros’ report on Infowars without comment, another high profile Soros operative Angela Merkel seemed to pick up the message.

Like the Quantum of Solace scene when the villain Dominic Greene hijacks the Opera House translation system to carry out covert negotiations on an energy grab with his operatives during a performance of Tosca, Soros seemed to be consciously mirroring my post to give marching orders to his puppets. In September, pressure was growing on Merkel to close the borders. Yet, she kept them open in accordance with Soros’ instructions. Merkel is believed to be a former Stasi agent Erika and so open to CIA blackmail.

At any rate, Merkel has emerged as an ice cold and ruthless killer who nearly succeeded in setting up the entire German cabinet for a Night of the Long Knives style massacre at the Hannover football stadium in November while preparing to blame it on ISIS. The NWO operatives had already managed to smuggle an ambulance with explosives into the stadium as security forces were systematically stood down. Only at the last moment when the players of the national teams were already on their way did Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere uncover the plot and cancel the match as reported on this blog.

Soros, is also the man I have repeatedly fingered in Greek police reports as a main suspect behind the murder attempt made against me in April 2015 in Greece and, more recently, in the a Benghazi style stand down of the Greek police and prosecutors planned in November allowing the original criminals, who attempted homicide, to make another de facto murder attempt.

Soros and his puppet Tsipras in collusion with the European Commission President Juncker have arranged a vast cover up of the evidence violating all the standard procedures of an investigation. The European Commission keeps refusing to take action even though I am reporting massive failures in the procedures of law, something that the European Commission pledged to improve as part of a Memorandum of Understanding in 2015. A stand down.

I have now started a civil case to force evidence in the criminal case in an extroardinary legal step.

I really could be killed in the next few weeks as the Globalists lose control because of the revelations on the new media and blogs like mine. If I am killed, you will know who it was. It was Soros, Tsipras, Juncker.

An essential witness Theoktisti Emsley, who has not been questioned by the police in 18 months in spite of my repeated requests, could also be killed to silence her.

But the real target is you, dear readers.

Soros fears my blog, yes. That is why he seems to check it so regularly. But he also fears the mighty readers of this blog who have acted time and time agin to intervene to stop his criminal plans, those who are upright, live up to their commitment to public service, who have the intelligence, mental flexibility and determination taken effective action in a rapidly changing environment as events unfolded in real time.

Together, we defeated a monstrous Globalist plan in 2014 to spread Ebola in West Afria, the USA by standing down standard biosecurity procedures

He fears those readers of my blog who do not occupy high office but whose hearts filled with concern for their fellow human beings, who translate and spread the information.

Now, I am asking the readers of my blog to show solidarity with me and the new media as we face the wrath of the Globalists. The Globalists know their plans have failed because of the exposure of their crimes on the new media. They know people now take the new media more seriously than the controlled mainstream media in countries like the USA and UK. Brexit and Donald Trump have been made possible by the new media. A little blog like mine can have a huge impact on history. That is why the Globalists and their puppets are so ruthless and determined in trying to murder people like me and shut down my blog.

Up to now, I have been protected by the hand of God. Once more I will put my faith in God to get me and all of us through this dangerous time.

A new future beckons. A future of genuine freedom, prosperity and peace. Let’s seize the opportunity. Let’s make the Globalists part of history.

For sure, God will help us fight this battle!

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