Illegal migrants targeted Cologne Cathedral for attack

Illegal migrants targetted Cologne Cathedral for attack

Illegal migrants targetted Cologne Cathedral for attack

Angela Merkel’s illegal migrant army launched an attack on Cologne Cathedral on New Year’s Eve, it has emerged.,0,2923319063.html

As the city’s police stood down, migrants fired rockets and fire crackers at the Cathedral during a service.

Former Cathedral official Barbara Schock Werner told the FAZ newspaper that an unprecedented and massive amount of rockets and fire crackers were fired at the Cathedral.

The Cathedral is more than a religious building. It is the symbol of the city Cologne, she said.

Cologne Cathedral dates from 1248 and is the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe.

Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki, who was holding a service, said he was afraid that panic would break out.

He said he was surprised that the police had left a vacuum of oversight allowing the attacks.

As groups of rockers, hooligans and bouncers form militias in Cologne, I have a better solution. Send Greek Orthodox Abbess Theodekti Vallianatou and the lawless mob at St John the Forerunner monastery in Anatoli Greece to Cologne. They make the migrants look chivalrous.

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