Illegals Hit the Jackpot – Several Major Networks not Carrying Obama Amnesty Speech

Illegals Hit the Jackpot – Several Major Networks not Carrying Obama Amnesty Speech

(But Univision will have an expected audience of 10 million plus.)

Jim Stone Nov 20 2014

The speech will be viewable on CNN and a few others. This is supposed to happen in Vegas Thursday night, and I believe the “illegals hit the jackpot” meme is going to be launched from this one.
Millions of illegal winnings in Vegas!

Whatever happens in Vegas is not going to stay in Vegas!

Nothing like a bunch of jokes while the traitor destroys the entire country and no one does a thing about it. Obama will air this speech on Univision right in the middle of the Latin Grammy’s with an expected audience of 10 million and perhaps more importantly, he is airing this on Mexico’s revolution day which caused over 800,000 Mexicans to emigrate to America in the early part of the 20th century. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

Here is my problem with all of this

Most of the illegal immigrants are freeloaders. Most of the legal Mexican immigrants are strongly opposed to the amnesty plan because they know that those who are not legal tend to be freeloaders, criminals and underclass types that wreck neighborhoods while they suck welfare, deal drugs and rob everything. Legal Mexicans would be happier to see them deported. I have heard this directly from legal latinos. They hate the illegals. That is a simple fact. And Mexicans in Mexico view the illegals in America the same way, and most are happy the illegals are here because all the criminals left for America and their neighborhoods improved vastly as a result. So where does that put America with Obama writing all that underclass of Mexico scum a nice winning in Vegas? I’d bet Obama is the nuclear blackmail President – say he won OR ELSE.

Think about it, – this could hardly be any worse. Who would have thought ANY president would ever have this kind of audacity – to tell the American people SCREW YOU, YOU ARE NOW GOING TO SUPPORT THESE PARASITES ON WELFARE AND HAND THEM YOUR VOTE, and they WILL BE VOTING. Figure the odds of that type of president getting in legitimately. This is all a sham. And though obviously a fair number of these people will at least pick oranges and apples, there are also enormous numbers that do nothing but sit and suck welfare ALREADY. What is it going to be like after amnesty?

It would be a fair deal, and probably a GREAT deal if America got average Mexicans via this amnesty plan. Mexicans in Mexico, the good productive people work as hard and as well as Americans do. The problem is that America is getting the gutter trash Mexico was better off without, trash which is just as likely to steal as work, sell drugs as work, collect welfare as work, and will be handing that trash the full power of the vote and full rights. That is not something to go along with, and Vegas is awful close to that militia that went out to Bundy Ranch. Not even a spud gun available for Air Force One? At this point, that is the only answer.

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