Illuminati Slowly Destroying DMX [Video] *****

Please watch all the way through:

DMX Says Jay Z Has No Soul

Dmx Interview from Arizona Jail!!


  • If anyone starts to follow real Jesus Christ via the real true-Christianity following the Reformation Bibles based on the true Biblical scriptures of the Greek Textus Receptus and Hebrew Ben Chayyim then they’re in for trouble. The AntiChristos known as the unHoly See or the Chair of Peter (Ptah-rekh) wishes to destroy Christianity its usurped all these years. It wishes to destroy its guise too, slowly as it morphs into the one-World Religion different garments/titles same faces. Temporal Power

    If you want to know the real power behind this Satanic system then you must focus your attentions higher than the Rockefeller and Rothschild families into the Roman Empire families who control this revived unholy Roman Empire today which hides behind its proxy the City of London known as NEW JERUSALEM doing the dirty work including being the biggest dope dealer under the HOUSE OF BOURBON in existence. Study the ORSINI, SOMAGLIA, BREAKSPEARE and ALDOBRANDINI families & their JESUIT ORDER.

    Interesting that the so-called Courtroom or shall we say FRAUDROOM is painted in that dazzling white color. If you understand social engineering and the system you will know its for a reason and a frequency reason where the color frequency acts on the human body and you respond in a different manner than usual like how McDonalds uses colors to tempt you to buy, eating quickly and get out faster. This system is nothing but manipulation and brainwashing all down to the Tavistock Institute

    Can somebody tell me why they have a gold fringed old glory in the Courtroom and not a real Old Glory of the united States of America they destroyed from 1848 into total destruction of 1861 justified temporary for payment of the dept to the Virginia Company of London but then Privy Councilor Roundell Palmer and his Jesuit masters signed off the death warrant on Lincoln making the temporary Corporation of the U.S. a permanent deal once Lincoln was whacked.  The Vatican has a lot to answer for.

    Can you confirm this is even a court? Looks more like an Administrative Court which is not a true Court. We want COMMON LAW Court as is THEE LAW OF THE LAND we are not sea of commerce and occult sea of souls we are MAN created by GOD with INHERITED RIGHTS and INALIENABLE RIGHTS as our REFORMATION BIBLES based on the true word of GOD tell us and this is why our enemy slavemaster TAKE OUR TRUE BIBLES AND GOD away from us and make us ATHIEST! Wake up to the deceptions.

    Why did he rise? Do not give jurisdiction to false ADMIRALTY LAW courts follow COLOR OF LAW FICTIONS based on VATICAN CANON LAW. America is a COMMON LAW nation of LAND by the PEOPLE for the PEOPLE as a REPUBLIC under GOD. Don’t fall for the ROMAN takeover and slavery to the CESTUI QUE VIE ACT 1666 attached to the PAPAL BULLS AETERNI REGIS and UNAM SANCTAM whilst the slavemaster JUAN CARLOS OF SPAIN controls your soul via his CROWN BAR at the Sovereign CITY OF LONDON proxy of the ROMAN EMPIRE.

    Sounds like Spanish as the U.S gets taken over by THE PAPAL BULL THE INTER CAETERA as the covert Jesuit counter-Reformation continues to destroy all that was good and all that was free and given by the Reformation Bibles based on the true Christian word not the false usurping anti-Christ Catholic spew of demons. Welcome to their new Dark Ages as all we created is destroyed whilst idiots worship the idols of the Pope and Mary and fall for frocks and dog collars including the phony Rowan Williams

    -=THe Unhived Mind

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