‘I’m not going to live much longer’: 50 Cent makes macabre death prediction on Twitter

By Mike Larkin
Last updated at 11:11 PM on 4th January 2012

At death’s door? Hunky 50 Cent claimed he is going to die in a bizarre Twitter rant

His first album was titled Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

But despite meeting his ambition after raking in tens of millions thanks to his highly profitable career, it seems 50 Cent believes he is heading for an early grave.

For the hip hop star made a series of tweets in which he said he was convinced death was just around the corner.

Fiddy, 36, said: ‘Ill be honest I don’t think I’m gonna live much longer.’

He also insisted he is ‘good if I die tonight.’

It came after he had a lengthy Twitter rant about the state of his career.

He said: ‘I have lost all the faith in the team I’m on. I having nothing left to say I will not be promoting my music.

‘I’m going to deliver this album then I have a film I wrote to focus on.

‘I’m not upset I’m just convinced this is not how I want to remembered.’

The wealthy star was alluding to his high profile falling out with his record label Interscope.

He has been attacking them in a flurry of internet messages, previously saying: ‘Were suppose to be on the same team with me.

‘Music was so much fun for me now the people and politics involved disgust me.’

Perhaps the reason they are at loggerheads is the rapper’s failure to replicate the sales success he enjoyed earlier in his career.

His 2003 debut album sold a whopping eight millions copies in the US alone, and is the fourth biggest selling rap album of all time.

It’s follow up The Massacre also did well, selling just short of five million copies in the States on its way to going five times platinum.

However 2007’s Curtis only went platinum, with sales of more than 1.3 million, while his most recent album 2009’s Before I Self Destruct fared even worse selling just 446,000 copies.

At least the rapper has been able to enjoy a profitable career away from the world of music.

He is believed to have made $100m after tax after Coca Cola bought the drinks company Glaceau in 2007.

Fiddy, real name Curtis Jackson, had a stake in the company after producing the Vitamin Water drink Formula 50.


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  • Millionaire 50 Cent’s vulgar display as he shows off some of his loose change and insults Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby

    By Alanah Eriksen
    Last updated at 8:12 PM on 11th January 2012

    He’s always been one to show off his money.

    But 50 Cent has now showed it off literally in a series of vulgar poses on his Twitter page.

    The rapper shared four photos of him holding massive wads of cash in his hotel room in Las Vegas yesterday.

    And he also used the social networking site to put his two cents in on the arrival of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby daughter.

    The 36-year-old, thought to be worth $250 million, is joined by boxer Floyd Mayweather in Sin City where he attended the Consumer Electronics Show to promote his own brand of headphones.

    He has cash tucked going up the length of both of his arms, and some tucked under his hat.

    He wrote: ‘I was thinking I could make a lot of money one day.

    ‘Then I got mad cause some chumps was hatin on me.

    ‘So I joined a gang lol THE MONEY TEAM … We made it mom top of the world!!!!.( James cagney voice)lol.’

    He then potentially reignited his bitter feud with Jay-Z after posting two mocked up pictures of the rapper and Beyoncé’s new baby, Blue Ivy Carter.

    The baby has Jay-Z’s face superimposed on it and 50 Cent joked: ‘Yal play to much congratulations to JAYZ and Beyonce BABY #BlueIvyCarter IS GEORGOUS.’

    And talking about rumours that the celebrity couple are holding out for a big money magazine deal to reveal the first photos of their daughter, he said: ‘You bull s***ing they will pay a million dollars for a picture of that baby lol trust me.’

    The two rappers have been embroiled in a bitter feud for several years with 50 Cent once saying that no one knew who Jay Z was until he married Beyonce.

    He also once threatened to have the stunning singer for himself and have children with her.

    Baby Blue? He also posted this scary mock-up picture, sarcastically congratulating Jay-Z and Beyonce on their newborn daughter

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