Do you remember when I told you to make sure almost all your banking is stopped when you see the compensation scheme promotions being promoted within your bank branches? Well they are now giving an August 2012 time frame for this to happen. With my logical thinking mind I would believe this highlights the possibility of an economic storm happening just a few months after this compensation scheme programming starts happening. My time frame for economic chaos is between one to four months at most. Thinking about it logically again, ideally you would want the longer period of a few months like a third of the year to make sure conditioning of the public takes place before the big event.

    If something happens in the meantime which may happen as quick as mid-September 2012 then this may change but at least the conditioning will have been up for about four weeks and rest-assured the mantras will go out over every airwave and media system. If you really keep seeing them over emphasising the issue everywhere and the media systems then you know the time frame has shortened. It does not make sense for the chaos to start prior to the U.S. Presidential Election unless of course suspension of the Election and the implementation of Martial Law is the agenda. I do believe that regardless of any change in the mean time, that the date for the economic collapse to start will be January 1st 2013 starting with an unusual week long bank holiday to kick off the New Year. Celebrate the 2012 end but do not expect a pretty 2013 I assure you of that.

    The Worshipful Company of Mercers and their TheCityUK are ready now to take down the global economy and bring ordo-ab-chao to aid in their implementation of the new draconian feudal fascist Marxist state in the post-democratic society ruling the populace stuck in the zero-growth post-industial plan. In the U.S. the Martial Law plan is all in place thanks to treasonous traitor John McCain the demented terrorist attacking sovereign Nations in the Middle East using Al-Qaeda rebels not to mention his attacks on the Russian Nation with his buddies Hillary Clinton, Madeline Albright and Mikhail Gorbachev (Club of Rome). The National Defense Authorization Act will aid in the removal of dissidents and enemies of the State into the Alaskan Island gulags all prepared for the new slave workforce to compete with foreign cheap slave labor abroad. All under the watchful eye of The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals commanding Serco, G4S and the Geo Group Nazis from hell.

    All eyes on both September 2012 and January 2013. You must get out of the banks and move any wealth into real assets away from the system entirely. Real assets means anything you hold both legal and equitable title to and thus if you own registered land you do not have true ownership only Fee Simple never Alloidal Title. Your only answer is to stock up on foods and of course precious metals ideally of your Nation’s own legal tender such as American Eagles in the United States and Britannias in the United Kingdom. Be smart and wake up before its too late.

    -= The Unhived Mind


    FSCS Cover On Its Way to the Bank of Cyprus

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