In These Days of Fateful Decision

In These Days of Fateful Decision

The great strategists, like the William Shakespeare about whom Lyndon LaRouche did seminal studies in January 2014, understood that the new breakthrough required for human survival required striking out on pathways where no man had ever gone before; indeed, pathways whose very existence had never been suspected before. This was what Douglas MacArthur did in the Pacific in World War II: he conceived a totally new dimension of action, never before imagined, never before possible, which allowed his inferior forces to continually defeat superior forces.

This changed history for all time, but it was only one of several such breakthroughs made by MacArthur. The same is true of Lyndon LaRouche.

In every case, the decisions they made were not just for a day or a year, but for all future time. In this respect, all of them echoed Prometheus’ fateful decision, taken once and for all long before our recorded history, that he would shield mankind from the fate of extermination which Zeus had decreed for our species. Like President John F. Kennedy’s decision announced to Congress on May 25, 1961, that

“I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth.”

We must take another such decision today; this is the fight which LaRouchePAC leader Kesha Rogers of Houston, Texas, is leading.

In his webcast of Monday, Feb. 8, with the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee, LaRouche compared the mental outlook of the United States today, with the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, citing the intrusion of the British Empire from the very inception of the US:

“It happened immediately with the beginning of the United States as a nation. The destruction was massive: most of the Presidents of the United States were actually enemies of the United States; most of them were! And that’s why the problem keeps coming back. And still does: This is the Roman Empire, the Roman Empire model.

“And what you’ve got, you’ve got the Eurasian model now, the resuscitation of China; what Putin has done on his part. He was inspired on this thing. Remember, as I’ve mentioned a number of times, his family, Putin’s family came from an area which was a concentration of death, because of the location of the battles there. And Putin has managed to be a factor in bringing about a strengthening, of both China and Russia, to save Russia. And what the implications are; and what I’ve seen from the areas I used to poke around in, you know, in India and so forth, areas which I was working in.

“And what we’re seeing is that this area, this Eurasian area contains within it, elements which are the basis of creating or recreating a new system for mankind. And what the result will be, the characteristic built into this thing, the characteristic is, the space program.

“What do we mean by the space program? Well, not the space program the way the idiot thinks about the space program, but the space program is a reflection that mankind is getting wise, with the new Moon operation, mankind is getting wise to the reality that mankind on Earth is not the power that rules Earth; but rather, there is a force beyond that, which controls the achievement of space, and what that means is that mankind is a creature, that lives in space. And it’s in that area, that domain, and the activities and development in that domain, which is the future for mankind.

“The important thing here is, you have to just take a little, short trip and think about it. What does this mean? And the Moon thing, right now, the new Moon project, this is probably the key, to bringing this idea not only into what’s happening in China right now, but for the entire human species. But we’re going for a change in the species characteristics, from what had been traditional and what is going to emerge, now, from the new change.

“And so therefore, the idea, if you want to do something good, look at that. Don’t ask what somebody says, ‘well, I think that that is this; I think that that is that…’ That’s no good! The problem is that mankind has been a failure, but why has mankind been a failure? Not because of mankind’s inherent nature. But because of his corruption.”

In other discussions over recent days, LaRouche has pointed back to his controversial 2014 Shakespeare studies referenced above, making the point, among other points, that the almost-universally held conception of human history is a fraud. That history is actually composed by the sorts of bold, unprecedented discoveries we were discussing above. These discoveries comprise the nature of man. Look at the brilliant and radical invention of physical space-time in an arc from Kepler, to Leibniz, through Gauss, and then Planck and Einstein.

LaRouche’s Feb. 8 webcast contained several different, convergent trains of thought along these lines of urgent action. This was the conclusion of one of them:

“So the question of creativity means that the whole system, of the Solar System and beyond, is essentially dominated by these events, the same events which are the events which are characterized by the system, as a whole. It’s there! The question is, what do you want to do? You want to create people who are creative. You want to be able to create babies, which are themselves creative in an in original way. And you see that: Einstein was, for example, a good example of this thing. If you take what we know of his history, that human creativity is a unique matter, it is what really should dominate and control the history of mankind.”

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