Incident shuts down France’s oldest nuclear plant

Incident shuts down France’s oldest nuclear plant

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France’s oldest nuclear power plant has been shut down after an incident caused by a malfunction.

A statement released by energy supplier EDF said on Sunday that energy output at the Fessenheim plant was halted after a malfunction in a pipe in the machine room on Saturday.

EDF also said the station’s personnel are working to find the exact cause of the incident.

The plant, which is in the vicinity of German and Swiss borders, does not house nuclear materials, EDF added.

The incident took place in production unit one, which saw a similar incident on April 9 when a leak was detected in a water supply pipe.

Since the 1,800-megawatt plant is ramshackle, it has remained unpopular. Besides, it is situated in an earthquake-prone zone of eastern France.

Local media put the plant’s performance on the spotlight after French President Francois Hollande pledged to shut it down by 2016.

Fessenheim, which consists of two 900-megawatt reactors, has been operating since 1977.

France’s Greens party has called for the closure of the aging plant saying: “Our oldest nuclear reactors are fragile and must be closed.”

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