Independent Catalonia to Make All Efforts to Have Good Ties With Russia – Party

Independent Catalonia to Make All Efforts to Have Good Ties With Russia – Party

EUROPE 21:45 25.09.2016

Catalonia after gaining independence through referendum will make the utmost to have good relationships with Russia in all spheres, International Secretary of the Catalan Solidarity for Independence Coalition J. Enric Folch Vila told Sputnik on Sunday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Vila was speaking at the second international expert conference “The dialogue of nations. The right of people to self-determination and building a multipolar world” held in Moscow.

“From sight of Catalonia from long ago we are very friendly with Russia, there are a lot of Russians who are living in Catalonia with happiness and without any problem. We consider Russians to be our friends. And of course Russia is of big potential country and we must not forget about Russia no way. It means that any case being independent Catalonia will put its best in order to have good relationship with Russia in economic, cultural and social sphere. I am sure that we can arrive to great agreements between Russians and Catalonians,” Vila said.

Catalonia, a Spanish province with an autonomous status, has long sought independence from Spain, but Madrid has repeatedly declined Catalonia’s quest for independence.

On November 9, 2014, about 80 percent of the Catalans who took part in a non-binding referendum on the region’s status as part of Spain voted in favor of Catalonia becoming a state.

Catalan Solidarity for Independence is a coalition of six political parties that was formed to participate in parliamentary election in Catalonia. The coalition actively promotes the idea of Catalonia’s independence from Spain.

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