Indian police, guru supporters clashes injure 200

Indian police, guru supporters clashes injure 200

Wed Nov 19, 2014 12:52AM GMT

Clashes between the supporters of a spiritual leader and security forces have left around 200 people injured in India’s northern state of Haryana.

Thousands of the supporters of Rampal Maharaj, a self-styled Hindu guru, engaged in clashes with Indian police forces in the town of Barwala on Tuesday.

Around 200 people, including 100 members of the security forces, were wounded in the violent clashes.

The clashes erupted after the police forces tried to enter Rampal’s heavily-protected ashram in order to arrest him.

India’s security officials claim Rampal is employing people as human shields in order to impede his detention.

“The police tried to break down the wall of the ashram today, because we believe that the people who are inside are not really supporters but are being used as human shields,” SN Vashisht, an Indian police chief, told reporters.

“We will not stop until we catch this criminal,” Vashisht added.

63-year-old Rampal is wanted on several criminal charges including a murder case.

Rampal is accused of inciting deadly clashes between his followers and another group which claimed the life of one person in 2006.

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