Insanely stupid Americans sign petition to promote illiteracy

Mark Dice strikes again: Insanely stupid Americans sign petition to promote illiteracy

Saturday, February 21, 2015 by: J. D. Heyes

What’s the best way to support a new Obama Administration “education program”? Well, lend your support to an “illiteracy project,” so that kids won’t be taught how to read.

Sounds goofy? Of course, it is goofy, but that’s exactly what a number of Americans implied by signing a fake petition to support illiteracy, offered by serial public policy prankster Mark Dice.

In a new YouTube video, Americans can be seen signing onto “a petition to support the illiteracy program with the kids,” an “Obama Administration educational program.”

“You know, illiteracy is spreading far and wide,” Dice says as a clueless woman takes his clipboard and prepares to jot down her information and signature. “This petition’s going to help continue the spread of illiteracy.”

“A lot of kids just aren’t reading these days, and a lot of adults just aren’t paying any attention at all,” he continues, as the woman signs and hands the clipboard back.

As she walks away, he adds: “Thanks for demonstrating that.”

See the entire demeaning demonstration of ignorance below.

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