Irresponsible poisoner Prof Sir Roy Collins pushes Statin poisons for all over 50s


Statins should be taken by all over-50s claims Oxford professor

Wednesday August 29,2012
By Tom Lawrence

STATINS should be given to all over-50s – even the healthy – because they so significantly slash the risk of heart attacks and strokes in later life.

In the world’s largest study into how the cholesterol-busting drug can prevent cardiovascular disease, Professor Sir Rory Collins, of Oxford University, said there is “clear evidence” that widespread use would save lives.

Statins, which cost as little as 4p a day, are currently taken by around eight million high-risk patients.

But Prof Collins said that everyone aged 50 should consider taking statins, adding: “Whether you should be taking them at an earlier age is an open question.”

He led a study involving 100,000 patients. It revealed that cutting levels of artery-clogging LDL cholesterol in the blood saved lives whether in high or low-risk patients.

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Researchers found that the risk of having a heart attack was slashed by 20 per cent for each point reduction in an individual’s cholesterol score.

The study estimates that routine use of statins by all over-50s would lead to 10,000 fewer heart attacks and strokes a year in the UK, and prevent 2,000 deaths.

Despite the evidence, safety fears over the use of statins are putting people off, he said.

Health watchdogs have flagged up side-effects including memory loss, sexual problems and depression.

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  • Its time irresponsible quacks like this were put in jail or lose their jobs for such dangerous quackery which will cause the death and misery of many people. Cholesterol drugs are based on utter pseudo-science to start with called cholesterol. They tell you your LDL is bad and your HDL is good. Well without LDL you would not get any of your fat soluble vitamins around your body for starters amongst a whole other host of actions that are vital to the human body including keeping you alive.

    Notice how these quacks never even look at the LP(a) at all? Notice how they will promote dangerous coal-tar drugs which poison your Liver and damage your Liver, Kidney and Spleen matrix quickly. Why on Earth would anyone want to damage a Liver already damaged and causing the supposed issue you wish to defend against? Watch how quickly Statins damage Liver enzymes.

    Notice how they do not teach you about the importance of ascorbate in the body against this LP(a). Hows about how they do not teach you about the importance of seven of the eight molecules of Vitamin E which stop cholesterol oxidizing. No they will not tell you this because then you realize it is all about diet and there is no need for a drug and also you then realize your food is junk food today lacking basic nourishment needs all by design.

    Why promote a synthetic poison when you can use far superior nutritional medicines like Artichoke root to correct the Liver, Garlic for the heart and arteries, Cayenne for the heart and Vitamin C and Wheatgerm oil to nourish the heart with Vitamin E. Hows about amino acids Lysine and Proline? No they will not promote these highly effective and cheap methods. Instead their bully boy FDA and MHRA terrorists will rip them off the shelves and tell you they are bad for you instead. Why? To aid the population control and reduction of the Club of Rome run by the Peccei family. Of course this aids the profits of The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries and The Worshipful Company of Barbers.

    Please get yourself a physicians desk reference and study all these sorcery pharmaceutical poisons and their side-effects. Pharmaceuticals kill up to 300,000 a year in the U.S. alone! Are you still frightened of h1n1 flu, West Nile Virus or Al-Qaeda (Senior Executive Service)? Its time people saw through this coal-tar useless slop once and for all. We are not animals to be slaughtered and penned, we are divine beings created in the image of the creator with dominion over all the animals as in Genesis of the Geneva Bible. A book almost now a domestic-terrorist weapon because it grants you freedoms which the Marxist super-state United Nations do not wish you to have.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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