Is Abbot Efraim from Vatopedi monastery part of the conspiracy to silence me?

Is Abbot Efraim from Vatopedi monastery part of the conspiracy to silence me?

Jane Burgermeister

Abbot Efraim of Vatopedi monastery on Mount Athos could be part of the complex conspiracy to silence me and cover up the crimes by setting me up for a lethal penalty, evidence suggests.

Efraim and the Vatopedi monks have been involved in fraud on a huge scale, swapping worthless land for prime real estate in Greece by making false claims, manipulating the stock markets and property markets with the help of loans from Marfin bank, which belongs to bankster Andreas Vgenopoulos, and works with the Rothschilds.

Loans from Marfin bank were used by the monks to buy shares in Marfin companies, including IT company Singular Logic, which runs all aspects of Greek elections, pushing up the price of Marfin artificially.

Offshore companies were used by Efraim to buy property andin such a way as to push up property prices artificially.

But Efraim and his network has come out relatively unscathed thanks to lenient treatment by prosecutor Efstathia Spyropoulou, and spent only a short spell in prison.

Efraim visited the Bishop of Volos for three days from February 18th to 20th in 2015, the crucial days after I sent an Open Letter to the UK parliament warning about the Medical Innovation Bill and Ebola vaccines.

Efraim’s pet prosecutor Spyropoulou covered up the crimes of Larisa police and prosecutors and allowed them to set me up for a lethal penalty.

Spyropoulou was the attack dog of Vgenopoulos when he tried to press charges against the honest president Vasiliki Thanou to stop his own arrest for his role of the engineered financial crisis in Cyprus.

Her son works for Vgenopoulos’ associates.

Vatopedi runs an internet based site called Pemptousia which published a talk by Theoktisti one year after she gave it in May 2015 in which she lies about the events in April, claiming no legal action had been taken by me and another person when there were two court cases going on in Germany and my police case Larisa.

Efraim would have a motive to help silence me as a beneficiary of the fractional reserve banking scam which I explain on my blog and the means in the form of connections and he seems to have a close relationship with Spyropoulou along with Andreas Vengopoulos, which gives him virtual immunity in spite of his vast crimes.

I will compile the evidence and ask prosecutors to question him.


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