Is Alex Jones the Brian Williams of alternative media? Assassination claim conflates facts to spin tall tale that never happened..

Is Alex Jones the Brian Williams of alternative media? Assassination claim conflates facts to spin tall tale that never happened…

Friday, January 01, 2016
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) I’m shocked at all the internet morons and retards who believe Alex Jones was almost assassinated last week. It all started with this story by Shep of Intellihub who was merely repeating something Jones said on his show, wildly embellishing the facts as usual:

He said man you know somebody came here to kill you. You don’t know about that? And I said no — we ought to look into it. And he goes, you know we had people on that and we stopped them and took them in but then they had to be released. But I can’t get into it because of court reasons and stuff. And then I get sent this whole file and called by a detective from L.A. where this guy came here and went to all my last known locations and was staked out to kill me… They sent State Police [in California] and he killed one of them and then they killed him… Literally a police officer was killed in California trying to protect me…

But what Alex Jones didn’t report — and Shep’s original Intellihub article failed to emphasize — was that the stalking of Jones took place four years ago in 2011. The guy, named Ricardo Antonio Chaney, was actually camped out at Jones’ father’s dental office in Austin, as Shep points out in this article which is still erroneously subtitled with the misleading subhead, “It’s been reported Jones was lying–however, evidence shows otherwise.” But that was back in 2011…

FOUR YEARS LATER, in 2015, the same psycho stalker got into a gun fight with a deputy in Oregon. As Shep reports in an article that still carries the misleading subhead:

A man by the name of Ricardo Antonio Chaney, 32, was shot and killed by a Fort Bragg, Calif., police officer during a March 19th shootout after Chaney carjacked several people in Oregon and fled California where he killed a 79-year-old man and a Mendocino County Deputy named Ricky Del Fiorentino before police ended his life. And it looks as if it wasn’t his first rodeo with police either.

So wait a minute. In 2011, this guy threatens Jones, and then FOUR YEARS LATER he gets shot by a deputy in Oregon after killing some other poor guy who was 79 years old? How is this gunfight with cops in Oregon an assassination attempt on Alex Jones in Austin, Texas?

And from this, Alex Jones says on the air that “Literally a police officer was killed in California trying to protect me…” ?

Sorry, Jones. The two events are entirely unrelated. They’re not even in the same region of the country. If your “assassin” was trying to kill you by shooting some poor senior citizen in Oregon — almost 2000 miles away — then he’s not a very good assassin. And yeah, Brian Williams wasn’t in that helicopter that got hit by an RPG… and Hillary didn’t land under sniper fire, either.

Intellihub and Infowars both do good work, but these sorts of deceptions just make independent media look careless and stupid

For the record, I like the Intellihub website. It carries a lot of really eye-opening stories. And, the site created by Jones, has some really outstanding reporters. I’m a fan of Dew, Jakarti, McBreen, Nimmo, Watson and the other outstanding reporters there. Watson, in particular, is a meticulous fact checker. No doubt Watson is right now banging his head against the wall over this Jones assassination story. He knows that if the exact same story were told by some liberal on MSNBC, he’d be ripping it to shreds and exposing the deceptions.

As you might expect, Infowars has a track record of slamming Brian Williams over his fabrications and “conflating” of “facts” regarding his helicopter being hit by an RPG. This story by Kit Daniels is entitled “Brian Williams’ Lie Proves Why Mainstream Media Cannot Be Trusted.” And there’s another article on Infowars entitled NBC’s Brian Williams is Forced to Admit His Tale of Being on a Downed Helicopter in Iraq Was Pure Fantasy.

Now that Jones has been caught conflating the facts on this so-called “assassin” and a peace officer who he claims was “killed trying to protect me,” will Infowars gives Alex Jones the same scrutiny they gave Brian Williams? Probably not.

It seems that Infowars now faces a key credibility test. If Jones is given a pass for pulling a Brian Williams, then isn’t Infowars engaged in the same kind of half-truths the site blasts other news organizations for carrying out? You can’t have a stance of “the mainstream media LIES but we tell the TRUTH” when your own top guy is caught pulling a Brian Williams. That’s why I think Jones needs to come clean and correct this issue.

To clear up this issue, Jones could just come out and say something like, “I messed up. I remembered it wrong. Somebody gave me bad information, and no, a police officer wasn’t killed trying to protect me from an assassin.” It will be interesting to see if that happens or if this gets swept under the rug and memory-holed by the Infowars operation.

Meanwhile, Intellihub needs to get its story straight and stop trying to cover for Jones making totally unsubstantiated leaps by “embellishing” facts to the point where they become deceptions. Intellihub is a good site, and Shep is usually on the right track — or is he really Mark Dice? Ha ha… — but they got this story totally wrong and need to fix it. At some point, even all the extra traffic just isn’t worth the loss of reputation if you become known as a site that covers up an obvious obfuscation.

Kurt Haskell researches the claim, comes up empty handed

Kurt Haskell, the researcher famous for uncovering the truth about the so-called “Underwear Bomber,” looked into the Jones claims and concluded they were totally fabricated. In this Facebook post, Haskell researches all the police officers killed in California (which is where Jones initially claimed this took place) and found that none of them matched the details claimed by Jones. He goes on to say:

I am left with a startling conclusion from this video. The story about the killing of the police officer and assassin of Alex Jones was likely a complete fabrication.

He also points out that if a police officer really had been killed by an assassin trying to execute a famous radio host like Alex Jones, it would have been national news. But there isn’t a peep of this reported anywhere (other than Infowars itself and the sites that parrot it).

Truth be told, all of us in the alternative media have stalkers and death threats almost constantly. And statistically speaking, some of those psychos that issue those death threats sooner or later end up getting shot by police. If I went on the air and claimed every such person was an “assassin” sent to kill me, I’d be laughed off the internet.

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