Is George Soros driving his puppet Hillary into the ground?

Is George Soros driving his puppet Hillary into the ground? She has another coughing fit in Ohio in front of thin crowd


Hillary Clinton emerged from what looked like a medical tent with an ambulance in the background to give a late speech at an almost deserted rally in Ohio only to have yet another coughing fit.

EXCLUSIVE! Hillary Hacking And Coughing During Speech In Ohio

She told her clearly disappointed and dwindling supporters that her coughting fit was due an allergic reaction to Donald Trump. Yet earlier she had suggested she is entertaining fantasies of Trump being bizarrely attracted to dictators aka bizarrely attracted to Hillary herself, who has been threatening media critics in a manner typical of dictators.

The Trump team should consider whether Hillary’s donors George Soros and the Rothschilds are overtaxing their puppet. An offer to her of amnesty, of financial and security guarantees in return to abdicating from the Globalist agenda, might be welcomed by Hillary as she struggles with severe health issues.

Instead of batting on a losing wicket, Hillary should be envisioning a future full of relaxation, inspiration and satisfaction as a private citizen protected by the US government from the reprisals and spite of the Globalists.

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