Is the Chaos on the highways created for new regulations and change?

‘Lives Lost’ In 27-Vehicle Motorway Pile-Up

2:43am UK, Saturday November 05, 2011

Several people have been killed and as many as 35 injured in a collision involving 27 vehicles on the M5 motorway in Somerset.

An Avon and Somerset Police spokesman confirmed that “some” people have “tragically lost their lives”.

There are reports that 10 others have sustained “life changing” injuries.

Some 20 light vehicles and six articulated lorries were involved in the smash on the motorway close to junction 25 near Taunton at around 8.30pm.

At least four people who were trapped have been cut free by firefighters.

Video footage from the scene shows several vehicles engulfed in flames and debris strewn across the road. A number of burning lorries are on their side.

Emergency services work to rescue people trapped and treat those who are injured (Pic: Avon and Somerset Police)

Firefighters can be seen trying to pry open car doors to reach those trapped inside.

One eyewitness reported a number of explosions and black smoke.

The heat of the fires was felt by drivers on the opposite side of the motorway.

A spokesman for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service described it as “the worst road traffic collision anyone can remember… so many vehicles involved”.

Conditions on the road have been described as “difficult” at the time of the smash.

Over 25 vehicles are involved in the collision on the M5 which has closed the motorway in both directions

Police and 15 fire crews were battling the fires and working to free people from the wreckage on the northbound carriageway.

At least four vehicles were reported to be on fire, including two lorries.

The motorway has been closed in both directions from junctions 23 to 26 and police say it is likely to remain closed for at least 24 hours.

Chief Inspector Paul Mogg said earlier: “All emergency services are on the scene doing as much as they can to continue the rescue operation and to treat those who are injured.

“There are large tailbacks at present and we would urge all to avoid the area for the next 24 hours at least.”

Jeremy Browne, MP for Taunton Deane paid tribute to the “bravery” of the emergency workers who dealt with the “horrendous accident”.

“There has not been a crash on this scale for many years and the implications of it will be life-changing for many people,” he said in a statement.

Anyone concerned about friends or relatives can call an emergency number on 0800 092 0410.

Police say all other measures should be taken to make contact before this number is dialled.

Ten hurt in motorway pile-up

Jennifer Cockerell
Saturday 19 November 2011

Ten people were hurt in a motorway pile-up today.

The accident on the M20 at Maidstone in Kent is thought to have involved six cars.

Ten people were taken to Pembury Hospital. Their injuries are not thought to be serious

A spokeswoman for Kent Police said the motorway is closed at junction 6 of the London-bound carriageway following the collision between junctions 4 and 5 at around 5.30am.

The traffic is being diverted from the M20 down a feeder road to junction 5 and onto the A20.

Three killed in huge 52-vehicle crash on the German autobahn in thick fog

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 6:07 PM on 19th November 2011

Three people were killed and 35 injured in a massive pile-up collision on a fog-covered highway in western Germany, police said.

The crash involved 52 vehicles and occurred on Friday night near the city of Muenster after fog settled over the stretch of autobahn (highway).

Experts are investigating details of the accident, which drew hundreds of emergency workers to the scene. A stretch of highway nearly 6 miles long was closed.

Fourteen people were taken to nearby hospitals and 21 people suffered from minor injuries. It is not known exactly what caused the accident.

In a separate accident, five people were killed and two severely injured in a head-on car collision in the western city of Aachen early on Saturday.

Police said the likely cause of the accident was a speeding motorist.


  • All of a sudden the media are reporting pile-ups on the road. I believe we’ll see quite a few more of these as theres an agenda in this in my opinion. I wouldn’t be surprised if these bigger events aren’t created. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is to bring in new regulations and rules for motorway systems and maybe the preparation for the implementation of spy black boxes on the populace in the lead up to driver less vehicles. So expect to be zapped with radiation by the microwave wifi smartboxes shortly if you’re stupid enough to have a car that is. Just you watch and remember I told you to watch the bicycles as they’re going to try to get this all registered up shortly and Boris Johnsons bikes is the start of the conditioning towards that.

    -=The Unhived Mind

  • Eight injured in three car crash

    20 Nov 2011

    Eight people have been injured, two seriously, following a three car crash in Birmingham city centre. .

    West Midlands Ambulance Service was called to the intercity carriageway of the Aston Express Way in the city centre around 6.45pm following reports of a collision.

    Five ambulances, an incident support officer and medics from the West Midlands Central Accident Resuscitation and Emergency (Care) team were sent to the scene, between the M6 junction and the Matalan island.

    Two women who were involved in the “significant collision” were seriously injured, a spokeswoman for West Midlands Ambulance Service said.

    “The driver and passenger of the first car, two women, were in a serious condition and had suffered multiple injuries,” she said. “The elderly woman sustained chest and abdominal injuries and the woman in her 30s suffered head and pelvic injuries in the crash.”

    Both women were given emergency treatment at the scene while crews worked to free them from the vehicle before they were taken by ambulance to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

    The doctor from the Care team travelled with the elderly woman to hospital to continue vital emergency treatment, the spokeswoman said.

    A woman and a man from the second car were not seriously injured and were taken to Heartlands Hospital by land ambulance.

    Two women, who were rear seat passengers in the third car, had to be freed by crews from their vehicle. One suffered a fractured collar bone and the other had a shoulder injury. The spokeswoman said: “Both were immobilised with neck collars and spinal boards before being conveyed by land ambulance to City Hospital.”

    Two men who were also in the car with them suffered minor injuries and were taken to the same hospital as a precaution.

  • vpo0aerj

    Dang, its sorta perfect storm, i wouldnt be surprised if they could emp them newfangled electronic ignition cars somehow. “never let a crisis go to waste”. Especially one planned as such to bring about agenda. After if what you say is true, bicycles on the hit list, whats next, skateboards, then rollerblades? Then lastly shoes and socks.

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