Is the influence of the Royals on the British army and GSK a reason why Ebola is soaring in Sierra Leone?

Is the influence of the Royals on the British army and GSK a reason why Ebola is soaring in Sierra Leone?

December 11, 2014

Something strange is going on in Sierra Leone. Ever since the British army arrived, Ebola deaths have soared. The bizarre behaviour of the British army has now attracted the criticism of the Sierra Leone government.

Meanwhile, in neighbouring Liberia, Ebola rates plummeted after the arrival of US troops.

The difference between the results of the British and US army could be explained by the significant influence of the royals on the British army.

The Duke of Edinburgh holds the rank of Field Marshal in the British Army. The Queen holds the position of Colonel in Chief in numerous regiments. Prince William also an honorary colonel in the Irish guards.

It cannot be ruled out that these members of the monarchy are using their personal influence on the British army to push a eugenicist agenda. Many of Prince Philip s relatives were members of the Nazi party. He has gone on record saying that world overpopulation is a major problem and stating his wish to be reincarnated as a deadly virus to kill people How depraved can a mind get?

From all observations, his views find sympathy from the Queen, Prince Charles and William, who also push tirelessly the eugenicist pseudo cause of saving wildlife in Africa as well as HIV vaccines.

Also, the Queen knighted the head of GlaxoSmithKline GSK Andrew Witty in 2012, underscoring the role of the monarchy in creating the perception that some people are above the law no matter how depraved their acts are. One recent example is, of course, paedophile Jimmy Savile. Savile was also knighted by the Queen. He had very close links to both Prince Philip and Charles, men who appear to be capable of similar depravity.

The paedophile scandals have finally reached Buckingham Palace. Many suspect it is just the tip of the iceberg.

A Westminster paedophile ring had senior members in the Thatcher government and was protected by MI5 and MI6.

In fact, the Royal Family and Margaret Thatcher were as much to blame as the BBC for failing to stop Jimmy Savile unspeakable crimes, Noel Edmonds suggested.

Royal protection is now also helping GSK perform more unspeakable crimes in rolling out its Ebola vaccine.

It is fair to say that GSK is emerging as the most ruthless eugenicist pharmaceutical company on the planet and it is getting the explicit backing of the Royals. The British army in Sierra Leone is also emerging as at best incompetent, at worst, a tool for a sinister agenda. And the British army is also deep in with the Royals.

Another hint that the Royals may be a driving force of the false flag Ebola epidemic together with the City of London and Wall Street is sheer stupidity of the plan. Read the quotes from Philip to gain some idea of his intelligence. The Queen is also not renowned for her brain.

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