Posted on November 4, 2016

Tuesday early afternoon I released my most recent article about an internal coup in the FBI. This coup pitted the field agents and section chiefs against the power of the politically appointed elites running the FBI and DOJ. Shortly after publishing a person sent me a link to a video of Steve Pieczenik declaring the starting of a deep state soft coup. It is an orchestrated planned coup of information to remove Hillary Clinton from power without bloodshed. At the time, less than ten thousand people viewed the video. The person who sent me that video had one simple question. Is there a deep state soft coup occurring? Considering my last four articles are about silent insurrections against our government’s power, it is a fair question. A question I can’t dismiss without looking at series of puzzling events in recent years.

The thought that this counter coup was launched on Nov 1 2016 is silly. Steve Pieczenik is merely the first to openly declare such an action is being taken on that date. He is a smart man, former spook, highly connected and a member of the deep state, and he knows this. The conspiracy to plan, implement, and execute such an action would need time to develop. Perhaps this is years in the making. Maybe he is taking a series of unrelated events and tying them into a narrative for his own personal goals. The one thing I do know, is nothing started on November 1 2016, only that an open declaration was made.

My first question in try to figure out the truth of the claim is, who is Steve Pieczenik? Many know him from the fifteen years he interviewed on Info Wars with Alex Jones. His wikipedia page is an interesting read, but only discloses the information not highly classified. To get into such a position as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, and James Baker implies ties far more deep state. He most likely worked with or in some of our countries non-disclosed Special Access Programs (SACs). These are programs or agencies so secret that even their name is classified. Much of the success attributed to CIA and NSA is actually work done by these shadowy organizations. This makes him one of the very real super secret spies that the American public knows very little about.

From interviews Steve Pieczenik has conducted in the past, I know he is disgruntled with the massive government corruption. There are many more like him serving and retired in those SACs and the military. Some turn into whistle blowers, others leak information in the form of documents, and others remain in their jobs to try to fight the corruption internally. His claim is that an informal group of these disenfranchised spies, law enforcement officers, and soldiers have colluded to keep Hillary Clinton out of power. They did this by compromising classified and personal information using intelligence agents currently employed ability to hack systems. This information has been shared with WikiLeaks and they have a strategic plan in the release of this information. He might be absolutely correct or not at all, but my contention is this conspiracy if it exists has been going on for quite some time

To look at the possibility that there is an atmosphere for a coup, you have to look at events in recent history. I know when my dad left his position as a regional director in his SAC in 1997, he was absolutely disgusted with the political corruption. I wrote about it in IT DOESN’T FIT THE POLITICAL NARRATIVE. That was why the disgusting event on 9/11 didn’t shock me. The investigation and 9/11 commission served as nothing more than smoke and mirrors to blame the intelligence community for incompetence. It was pure bullshit, the spies warned the government for years that they needed to either change foreign policy or aggressively attack Al Qaeda to stop them before they grew in capabilities. They were ignored.

In October 2001 William Binney resigned from this NSA in protest. Binney, a highly decorated analyst, built much of America’s ability to compromise the internet and communication grid. He helped in the creation of this ability to spy on America’s foreign enemies. After 9/11 his creation got turned on the American population and he tried to object through official channels. He met such resistance he was basically railroaded into resigning. Since his attempt at whistleblowing, the government has pursued him abusively, keeping him from finding work and even arresting him which forced him to spend ten of thousands of dollars in his defense.

In fact, whistleblowers attempting to go through official channels in America’s law enforcement and spy agencies have been severely persecuted. They attempt to stop unconstitutional spying on the American population, and find themselves jobless and in danger of going to jail. To step away from the official channels and going directly to the media results in facing a thirty five year jail sentence such as in the Thomas Drake case. Drake later forced the dropping of charges at the cost of the destruction of his livelihood. The government’s heavy handed response resulted in creating Edward Snowden. His June 2013 document dump resulted in exposing the largest extent of unconstitutional classified data collection of the American public’s activity in history.

This behavior shows that an anger exists in America’s classified program community. This anger shows that individual acts of defiance at the corrupt power structure of America is now a common occurrence. Something changed after 9/11 2012 in Benghazi. Our government let an ambassador and four other Americans die in a terrorist attack. The government denied a request to abandon post before the attack. They refused an increase in the security levels that might have increased the chances of surviving such an attack. Then they lied about the attack and blamed it on a random uprising in anger to a crappy online YouTube video about Muhammad. This was all done by and under Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

Even on mainstream media, the sheer contempt of Hillary Clinton was apparent when members of the intelligence and military community were interviewed for stories. Benghazi was an absolute betrayal and abandonment of intelligence operatives by our government. Immediately leaks started exposing our government’s involvement in arming Syrian rebels by funneling weapons from Libya to Turkey and into Syria. Stories leaked that America was now arming terrorist groups. Not only had the political elite left five Americans to die in Benghazi, America was now aiding and abetting our sworn enemies to force regime change in a country that didn’t attack us. America became the enemy that the spy agency community spent their life fighting under the policies of Barrack Obama and with Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of State.

This shows an atmosphere of discontent that might have actually led to a group of actors getting together and conspiring to stage a soft coup against Hillary Clinton. It would not really take very many people to create havoc. People like Steve Pieczenik, William Binney, and Michael T. Flynn operated at the highest levels of America’s classified programs. They most likely still have contacts they know are unhappy inside these organizations today. That might give them access to an incredible amount of sensitive information. If that information were to be handed to WikiLeaks with a strategic plan to of release, they could drive a narrative. That narrative could destroy its target by exposing the corruption and criminality of the target and those surrounding that target.

There are a number of unrelated, but startling developments that set the stage for this possible soft coup in 2015. Charles Ortel and Peter Schweiser began to publish material exposing possible criminal pay for play corruption and massive fraud being conducted by the Clinton Foundation. Then the using these published materials and a recorded conversation from an unrelated case, the FBI launched an investigation into possible criminal activities. When the FBI requested the formation of a grand jury for this investigation, the DOJ denied the request. In an act of rebellion, FBI field agents continued their investigation and expanded it despite being hampered by the DOJ’s action.

Next documents from the DIA in 2012 were released due to a FOIA lawsuit by Judicial Watch. A DIA report predicted the rise of ISIS because of American foreign policy of trying to create regime change in Syria. This exposed the ISIS was a direct product created by the Obama administration while Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State. It also showed they were advised to change course, but ignored the intelligence experts.

Then in Aug 2015 General Michael T Flynn, former Director of the DIA did an in depth interview with Al Jazeera. It was an interesting choice of interviewer because Al Jazeera guaranteed a contentious, hostile interview. In the interview General Flynn did not apologize for his actions, but directly blamed the Obama administration and the Clinton State Department for the creation of ISIS. He called it a “willful decision.” This was a direct act of defiance by General Flynn at the current political elite. It also began to drive the narrative that America while “fighting” ISIS, actually served more as air cover for ISIS.

These unrelated events set the stage for the current directed attacks that have come from WikiLeaks in 2016. A narrative of massive corruption by the alternate media really began to gain steam. Early in 2015 it became obvious that the mainstream media considered Donald Trump as a joke. Donald Trump started strong and finished 2015 far stronger despite constant negative propaganda from the mainstream media.

Not only did the mainstream media demonize Trump, but they neglected to report stories about corruption in the Hillary Clinton campaign. The alternate media of Drudge Report, Info Wars, Zero Hedge, X22 Report, SGT Report, Lew Rockwell, and a multitude of other bloggers countered the narrative. They followed the trail being left by the Hillary Clinton’s missing State Department emails and the corruption spilling from the Clinton Foundation. The alternate media set the stage for open rebellion against the corrupt political elite and their to big to fail corporate and banker backers. The public no longer trusted mainstream reporting and turned to the alternate media in large numbers to learn the truth.

Then in March 2016 a new media player entered the scene with a direct attack on Hillary Clinton. With the primaries soon starting WikiLeaks released the Clinton emails. Bernie Sanders challenged Hillary Clinton in popularity among the Democratic voters and this was the first of three major attacks to destroy Hillary Clinton and her conspirators. This attack aimed to undermine Hillary Clinton’s support and bolster Bernie Sanders to the primary voters. It almost worked, only a rigged DNC primary process using appointed super delegates secured the Democratic Presidential Nomination for Hillary Clinton.

The second attack, WikiLeaks releasing the DNC emails, in July smelled of coordination and strategy. The release derailed the Democratic National Convention and massive protests and walk outs by Bernie supporters were staged. The emails showed the DNC outright rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders. It exposed collusion between Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC in the entire process. The high level of corruption in the DNC was placed in plain sight of the American public. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to step down as Chair of the DNC as a result.

The DNC immediately went into panic mode and blamed the Russians for hacking the DNC’s email server. For some reason they believe blaming the Russians can somehow negate the naked corruption that WikiLeaks exposed. William Binney in radio interviews stated quite simply that the leaks came from operators working in America’s intelligence agencies. He did not hesitate to make this statement, and it implied an organized strategic operation to discredit and destroy Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

In early October WikiLeaks started the continuous Podesta email dump. Interestingly a phishing attempt documented in one of the emails showed John Podesta’s email was compromised on March 19 2016. This is the exact time frame when the Hillary Clinton State Department emails were released. This spoke of a strategic plan in place at least from the time of the first attack since March. It speaks of more than one actor being involved with giving WikiLeaks the information and instruction on how and when to release that information. It speaks to a coordinated and continued attack on Hillary Clinton’s credibility by showing the corruption and criminality that surrounds her.

The corruption exposed in Podesta’s emails for the last month has piled up to mountainous size. Hillary clearly tells the public one policy position while really pushing another behind closed doors. They show the Hillary’s campaign wants to keep Americans ignorant and compliant. It also shows they know they are failing because of the growing popularity of the alternate media. Of all the revelations, it shows Hillary has globalist interests and cares little or not at all for the American population. We are nothing but tax cattle to be stepped on in her quest for power.

What I find very interesting is all around the March time period. Steve Pieczenik was very active on YouTube. He had a very active February posting videos, then only conducted three interviews that I see until bursting back into action posting materials in August until present. What kept him so busy from March until the end of July? Perhaps he is one man working alone giving us a story of a possible coup that does not exist. WikiLeaks had to get the emails from somewhere. William Binney contends government employees gave WikiLeaks the emails. WikiLeaks does not criminally hack systems, they are just a media operation. They are a media operation with ten year perfect track record of producing honest work.

We look around the landscape in this mad election season and the mainstream media can no longer hide the truth. The FBI is running five separate investigations into the criminality of the Clinton’s. These investigations are being run against the desires of the politically appointed elite in the DOJ. With an internal coup, FBI field agents forced James Comey to reverse his position and reopen the Hillary Clinton email server investigation.

The new device discovered by the NYPD investigating Anthony Weiner was found to have 650,000 emails belonging to him, Huma Abedin, and Hillary Clinton. There are a lot of other nasty rumors as to what was found by the NYPD before they turned the devise over to the NY FBI field office. I can find a lot of unverified reports, but no real evidence. That forces me to not report on those stories yet.

There is something of interest going on of note in America. It is either the uncoordinated actions of alternative media, law enforcement officers, deep state leakers, and Wikileaks that have exposed the rampant corruption within the American system. This is waking up the population to resist the election of Hillary system. Or there is group of deep state actors who conspired to use the same groups to drive the narrative for the same purpose. The irony of the latter is that the government created the deep state to hide their corrupt actions, now it may be from within that deep state that the political elite and too big to fail corporate and banker backers face their greatest enemy. An enemy that can destroy their power by exposing the truth.

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