ISIL created to confront anti-Israel resistance: Analyst

ISIL created to confront anti-Israel resistance: Analyst

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Press TV has interviewed Sa’ad al-Muttalibi, with the State of Law Coalition from Baghdad, to discuss the atrocities being committed by the ISIL Takfiri terrorists and some al-Qaeda-affiliated militant groups across Syria.

The political commentator maintains that Washington and its regional allies created the ISIL terrorist group to destabilize the legitimate government of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and confront the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah.

He also believes that the US and its regional allies are using these terrorist groups as a tool to advance their own agenda in the Middle East.

Al-Muttalibi strongly criticized Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey for providing financial and military support to the ISIL militants and al-Qaeda-linked al-Nura Front, adding that such extremist groups serve the Tel Aviv regime’s interests by targeting the anti-Israeli resistance in the troubled region.

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