Islamabad-US ties anger Pakistanis

Pakistanis angry over Islamabad-US ties

Wed, 26 Dec 2012 18:06:25 GMT

A new report says hundreds of civilians have been killed in Pakistan as a result of Islamabad’s cooperation with Washington, leading to growing anger among Pakistanis, Press TV reports.

According to a report by the Pakistani think tank Conflict Monitoring Center, as many as 2,493 people have been killed in 1,346 terrorist attacks in Pakistan in 2012.

The report also adds that 388 people have been killed in Pakistan in US assassination drone attacks this year.

““We have seen so many incidents during our monitoring of the drone attacks…that the CIA kills civilian people and later on their media claim that they were militants, but it was proved that they were the civilians. So when the civilians are killed by drone attacks ultimately the militancy will increase,” Abdullah Muntazir with the Conflict Monitoring Center told Press TV.”
CIA-operated drone attacks, which started under former US President George W. Bush, continue in Pakistan almost on a daily basis despite growing public opposition and Islamabad’s repeated protests.

Washington claims that its drones target militants, but evidence on the ground indicates that civilians have been the main victims of the strikes.

The US assassination drone attacks are one of the major reasons behind growing anti-American sentiment in Pakistan. Pakistani people believe that US presence is destabilizing the country.

“We have repeatedly expressed our opposition on drone. Of course, it remains unchanged. We feel that this is an issue which really requires a mutually acceptable solution,” Moazzam Ali Khan with Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said.

Apart from the human cost that Pakistan has to endure, the country is also paying a heavy economic price because of its security cooperation with the United States.

According to the figures provided by the Pakistani government, the country has lost close to USD80 billion during the last ten years due to the so-called US-led war on terror.

That is why the majority of the people in Pakistan seek an immediate end to the country’s alliance with the United States.

Over the past months, massive demonstrations have also been held across Pakistan to condemn the United States for violating Pakistan’s sovereignty.

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