Israel Escalates Bombing of Gaza

Israel Escalates Bombing of Gaza

July 11, 2014 • 9:48AM

Israel’s bombing campaign against Gaza appears, at this point, to have no exit strategy. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Wednesday, that a cease fire is not on the agenda. Netanyahu told the committee: “I am not talking to anybody about a cease-fire right now…It’s not even on the agenda.”

Instead, the bombing has intensified. On Wednesday (July 9) the Defense Ministry bragged that it had dropped more than 400 tons of explosives on more than 400 targets in Gaza in the two days since the operation began, more than was dropped during the entire 2012 Pillar of Defense operation in eight days. As of Thursday night, local time, the number of strikes that the IDF had launched on Gaza was up to 860.

The Israeli military says it has counted 442 rockets fired into Israel from Gaza, but there’s no comparison in terms of casualties. The Palestinian health ministry reported, yesterday, that the death toll in Gaza is up to 81, with 573 wounded. Among the dead are 22 children, 15 women and 12 elderly people. These deaths are a direct result of the Israeli tactic of bombing the homes of Hamas commanders, and Netanyahu justified it by accusing Hamas of hiding behind civilians. In contrast, Israeli authorities have reported two people wounded—one a soldier—from the Palestinian rocket fire and several others suffering from “shock.”

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