Israel start hinting at using 4th generation nuclear weapons against Iran

Israeli EMP Attack Could Throw Iran ‘Back to Stone Age’

Israel might attack Iran by using electromagnetic impulses (EMP) which could send the Islamic Republic “back to the Stone Age.”

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
First Publish: 9/9/2012, 11:50 AM

Israel might attack Iran by using electromagnetic pulses (EMP) that could cripple the country by shutting down its electronics and sending the Islamic Republic “back to the Stone Age,” The London Sunday Times reported.

EMP causes non-lethal gamma energy to react with the magnetic field and produces a powerful electromagnetic shock wave that can destroy electronic devices, especially those used in Iran’s nuclear plants.

The shock wave would knock out Iran’s power grid and communications systems for transport and financial services, leading to economic collapse.

The “back to the Stone Age” tactic was proposed in an Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) article by Dr. Joe Tuzara. A former clinical research-physician-general surgeon for Saudi Arabian, Philippine and American healthcare systems, he wrote, “The wild card is in Israel’s hand – with Electronic Magnetic Pulse (EMP) inscribed on it. If Israel chooses one of its Jericho III missiles to detonate a single EMP warhead at high altitude over north central Iran, there will be with no blast or radiation effects on the ground.”

He explained that one effect of the EMP attack would be that, “Iran’s uranium enrichment centrifuges in Fordo, Natanz and widely scattered elsewhere, would freeze for decades.”

The WorldNetDaily reported three weeks ago, “Israelis have not ruled out a Jericho III missile launch to detonate a single electromagnetic pulse warhead at high altitude over central Iran.”

The Sunday Times report quoted Bill Gertz, editor of the Washington Free Beacon, said that the United States expressed concern about using a high-altitude nuclear bomb to set off the an EMP attack.

Amid constant reports of Israel’s preparing to take direct action to stop or at least halt Iran’s presumed race to manufacture a nuclear warhead aimed at Israel, Canada increased diplomatic pressure on Iran Friday by announcing it is closing its embassy in Tehran.

It called the Islamic regimen “the greatest threat to security and peace in the world.”

Foreign Minister John Baird said that “the Iranian regime refuses to fall in line with UN demands regarding Iran’s nuclear program, and making repeated threats to Israel’s existence.”


  • How can they call these fourth-generation nuclear weapons non-lethal? Can you imagine the side effects of using such an EMP device? Today civilization relies on electronics and the robber barons dumb the populace further into reliance rather than being the next Ray Mears. Who has the best EMP weapons in the World and has already deployed them? Russia! Who has the best scalar technology in the World and was the first to have it? Russia! What do you think Russia will do if Israel uses a weapon of mass destruction EMP? (do not be fooled by non-lethal) When you sit and think about it what right has Israel in the slightest to dictate who can or cannot have nuclear weapons? Who gave Israel the right to have nuclear weapons and the Dimona plant? Have Israel even signed up to have nuclear weapons? Of course not and they will not sign up because then they are bound by that which they sign into. Israel is a rogue state run by Sabbatean Frankist hofjuden. Israel is going down the path the Scottish Rite desire it to and its all planned. Remember the end goal is the destruction of Zionism and Islam in this next World War III we are actually in right now. All that will survive is the Vatican owned (1993 Oslo Accord) East Jerusalem ready for the building of King Solomon’s Temple III.

    -= The Unhived Mind


  • spokenwerds

    damn sounds rough. im sorta. scared/not so. hey man. keep it going as i know you will. mad props. glad you are around!

    i wonder what the future holds.
    shoul we just use this as a moment to get closer to God. and turn from wicked ways. personally speaking.
    see ya

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