It is time to fight back in a meaningful way

It is time to fight back in a meaningful way

Jim Stone 11 Sept 2015

I am sick of the censorship. I am sick of the mail tampering. I am sick of the dirty slander tricks against this web site and others similar. And I am sick of having every offer to go “on the air” with alternative media broadcasters get hacked, stopped, censored, prevented, interrupted. And it is game over.

You know, I am a technical guy. “former NSA” they say. Yep, it’s true. And it is pretty presumptuous of the zio clan to just think they can get away with putting this web site in all the censor bots, mess with paypal, jack with the DNS servers, and do a plethora of other things and just get away with it all unscathed. I guess it worked for a while, but the writing is on the wall, and it is TIME TO PLAY BALL. And I can, you see . . . . .

After being in the NSA, I know all about amplifiers, antennas, countermeasures, how to do it and get away with it, and can DEFINITELY build a 5000 watt class D broadcast amplifier myself NO SWEAT. After building that amplifier, I know how to set up an antenna to get the entire signal to go North and UP, to the ionosphere just like HAARP, without creating a mess on the ground where I am broadcasting from. I bet I can do this so well even the NSA wont get a clean DF on my location simply because it takes triangulation to accomplish that and only 2 ground receivers would be capable of picking up the signal when 3 are needed for triangulation. I bet I can make an antenna that pencil beams it all up to the ionosphere that good. And if a satellite performs the function of the third receiver, who cares? I’ll be up, on the air and gone within an hour. You can’t send a cruise missile that fast.

There won’t be a lot of splatter on the ground where I am, heck, I bet I can narrow the ground reception down to a radius of 5 miles on cheap radios everyone in Mexico has, heck, with a portable power solution back in the mountains in the high country away from it all, I bet I can get it so NO ONE hears it at all where I am. Think Mexico will care about what I am doing if I accomplish that? Why should they?

Yeah, I browsed broadcast amplfiers just to make sure my class D calculations were not delusionally cheap. And they were not delusional AT ALL it seems, you see, to the left here is a 10,000 watt continuous RMS capable class D broadcast amplifier module that uses only 4 mosfets to get the job done and would obviously fit in a CD rom drive bay. Cute little bugger that one is, it would be more of a challenge to feed it thousands of watts to power it than it would be to build it and oh, I regret being a little off and / or only capable of locating absolute crap parts here, because I figured I’d need 8 mosfets at a cost of $5 or so each set up in a parallel class D push pull configuration to hit 5,000 watts or so. OOPS, my bad, twice that can be done with 4 mosfets. Bet those don’t cost only $5 though.

Anyway, you get my drift.

I have a secret, but don’t be mistaken into thinking it would prevent this from happening. That secret is: I have to almost have my butt on fire to get going on a project like this one. It is totally on fire now, but I could quite fairly easily be made a little bit lazy if the mail worked better, I did not keep getting blacklist warnings on the web sites, if friends did not continuously tell me the site is blocked for them, if DNS always worked so direct IP was not needed with everything, and oh, the FBI won’t be after me like your cute little chap in Florida because I am not stupid enough to fall into a honey trap so I will probably be around a while . . . . . and definitely WILL play ball if you force that to be necessary. I know the FBI and other agencies are not responsible for the problems this site is having, it is all being done by private Jewish owned companies and organizations, I KNOW THE ENEMY, and knowing the enemy is the first step to victory. You can have it your way or mine. If you have it my way, you will be without any influence AT ALL. I am fully capable of breaking your statute enforced (via the FCC) censorship. There is no FCC barrier to entry with AM broadcasting, shortwave broadcasting, or channel 19 CB alerts with my method of getting it done, If you force me to play technical hard ball, count on it – I will win every game.

It took you three hundred years and TRILLIONS of dollars to build your theater of darkness, yet the light of one match can burn it down. One class D amplifier and a microphone could be that match.
Wanna play ball? Just keep censoring the mail and trashing this web site via blacklisting and blockage and it will be GAME ON.

And it is not just this web site. I have been paying attention, and have noticed that you have attacked and destroyed many many others that were the true truth movement. What if I put THEM on the mic as well?

Aaah yes, your tech geeks have sat down already now (this is typed 12 hours after what I typed above) and said, CLASS D AMPLIFIERS ARE FINICKY WITH THE POWER SUPPLY, DON’T WORRY, HE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET A HIGH POWERED HOME BUILT TO RUN OFF A CRAPPY GENERATOR OUT IN THE BOONIES.
Well, think again, because I do not think in a conventional way, I think in an effective way.

In my setup, I am not going to worry about a generator or fancy power supply. All it will be is a +24 db capable mixing board feeding a comparator input with the comparator output going to the gates of 4 P and N channel fets, and that will be the ENTIRE AMPLIFIER. And it will work, because the power supply will consist of 16 garden tractor batteries rated at 20 amp hours or so, (little baby ones) which can be arranged to give me +-96 volts to feed it all with. The batteries will automatically sink any instability, they would be the ultimate stable power supply and how much power will they deliver? 192 volts times 20 amps mono bridge for a FULL HOUR. (actually it will be as effective as 40 amps, I’ll explain this later) but to be simple, 20 amps at 192 volts is just shy of 4,000 watts, delivered continuously for a full hour with only the smallest 20 amp hour batteries. But it is a lot better than that in reality, because an AM modulated wave only has an approximate 50 percent duty cycle (due to peaks and valleys in amplitude) which means that my actual “listened to” power output could fairly be bumped to 8,000 watts on those batteries for a full hour. How hard is it to do 16 garden tractor or motorcycle batteries and a big charger? A lot easier than a generator could do that job, and all the power supply issues are automatically solved. A WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN setup! And if anyone out there is drooling over a pirate broadcast setup now, if all you are doing is a local area (your city) you would only need 4 batteries for +- 24 volts because you would not need to push so many watts.

Oh, but I’d never get the antenna for it all, RIGHT? HA HA HA HA HA dream on. That was the biggest challenge, but I came up with two ways to do this, both for a local pirate broadcast and for my pencil beam up to America from Mexico. For a pirate broadcast you will need to get a long AM antenna lifted up into the sky. For this, all you need is a spool of wire (which will be the antenna), aluminum foil, lye, a couple huge garbage bags, water and a five gallon pail. Pour the lye and water into the five gallon pail. Then throw in the aluminum foil. Tons of hydrogen gas will be made. Hold the garbage bags over the five gallon pail to fill them with hydrogen. Have this lift the garbage bags and pull your antenna (which will be light if it is only wire (your choice of wire for whatever you dream up) as long as it can be pulled up into the sky with a reasonable amount of hydrogen. Cut it to the correct length for your antenna and do your antenna setup/matching ahead of time so it all just goes up easy. Do your pirate broadcast (get it done quick in America, no more than a half hour) and when you are done, just reel in the wire (on second thought do not cut it because of hazards to airplanes) have a way to reel it in quick. Get in your car and drive.

My setup in Mexico would be experimental. It is a bit more complex to precisely beam a signal to somewhere else in the world. To handle the higher power it will use metal pallet strapping wound in a coil a couple feet across, with two inches between windings. There will be several stacks of this to get it to adequate length, all spaced to make sure inductive reactance does not mess it up. At the top of the coil there will be a partial dome. This has to be set up at the base of a mountain. The bottom of the coil will have a long long long wire mesh placed under it, that I will have to walk up the mountain. It all has to be pointed precisely the right direction to bounce down to the metropolitan area in America I want to be heard in. The wire mesh will serve as a ground plane to force the signal to go one direction. The partial dome will help it interact with the ionosphere, just like the Tesla antennas. This will probably take some playing around to do right, but I am certain I am at least off to a good start on the concept . . . . . . to change broadcast frequencies, all I have to do is move a welding clamp to a different position on the coil and tweak the comparator frequency to match. Anyway, to get it all portable and working right, I pretty much have to come up with a portable compact antenna (a 50 pounder)that is only a couple feet tall and a couple feet wide and does the job of a normal large antenna, and more due to a special application design . . . . . and winding the antenna will certainly work for shooting a signal up to the ionosphere.

At any rate, the attacks on this web site (and others) have got me considering options, I’d certainly prefer to live in a world where people are at least informed enough to protect their children. Why on earth the lie must persist and be the only thing allowed in the press baffles me, you can go NOWHERE FORWARD in any real way if all progress is bashed into oblivion by an officially sanctioned lie, 9000 trolls and slander/censor bots. I think it is time to bust that lie. Now that the web is on the precipice of being finished, technological advances in semiconductors have allowed another cheap easy venue, and if they ban the parts ALL CROWN XLS AND OTHER CLASS D DJ AMPLIFIERS HAVE THE RIGHT PARTS, in fact ANY “digital” amplifier is likely to have the right parts, ALL YOU NEED IS TO REMOVE THE FILTERS AND CHANGE THEIR COMPARATOR FREQUENCIES. Bridge them mono and away you go . . . . DOOM ON for the lie!


Target power? What should you have? 200 watts. After dark.

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