Italian police defuse bomb planted outside German bank

Italian police defuse bomb planted outside German bank

Mon Nov 17, 2014 6:53PM GMT

A bomb, planted outside a branch of Deutsche Bank in Naples in southern Italy, has been neutralized by Italian police.

The device was defused on Monday with disposal experts saying that the fuse on the bomb had been lit, but went out before it could cause an explosion.

The homemade device could not be set off using remote control. It contained about one kilogram of explosives, was about 22 cm long and cylindrical in shape.

It was neutralized using a small water cannon.

Early police investigations have suggested the device was supposed to blow up the cash machine outside the bank.

The area surrounding the bank branch was evacuated by police forces and an investigation has started.

It had been placed on Via Mascagni, a street in the central district of Vomero, which was later closed to cars and pedestrian traffic.

On Friday, the German embassy in Rome was pelted with eggs and paint, on a day of nationwide protests in Italy by trade unions, students and migrants against labor market reforms and European Union austerity policies.

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