Italy Should Get More Sovereignty, Independence From EU – Lega Nord Member

Italy Should Get More Sovereignty, Independence From EU – Lega Nord Member

EUROPE 18:50 26.09.2016

Italy should gain more independence from the European Union, Gianmatteo Ferrari, a member of the Italian Lega Nord regionalist party, told Sputnik following Hungary’s announcement that it may seek the EU treaty change after a vote on Brussels-mandated quota of refugees.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Last week, the Hungarian government said it may demand reforming the European Union’s fundamental Lisbon Treaty to gain more independence from Brussels if people reject the migrant quota system during the referendum scheduled on October 2.

“European treaties are not the Holy Bible, so they can be reviewed. We provide our sustain, our support to Hungary and maybe we should take the same path. Italy should get more sovereignty and independence in making decisions,” Ferrari, who is also the vice president of the Lombardia Russia Cultural Association, said.

He called for more federalized Europe that could be less dependent on US policies.

“As Europe is built right now as like a 52nd state of the United States. So we are against this form of Europe. We would like to build another kind of Europe based on each country, each nation, a more federalized Europe, with own currency, with own sovereignty and own history,” Ferrari said.

He added that the European Union’s and Italy’s relations with Russia depend on the Washington-Moscow relations and may improve if Republican nominee Donald Trump wins the US presidential elections. The situation may become even worse than now if Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is the next US president, according to Ferrari.

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