James Holmes Adopted by the FBI shortly after birth

James Holmes Adopted by the FBI shortly after birth

Jim Stone

Whistleblower mother Deborah Cave: The FBI took my baby and used him for the batman shooting

This should be a death sentence for the FBI’s credibility. And despite this woman who claimed to be Holmeses biological mother filing to be heard in court as a witness all the way back in May of 2013, she was never allowed on the witness stand and I know why – she claims he was adopted by the FBI, raised by a surrogate and turned into a zombie to shoot up the theater. And it all fits.

During the closing statements for the Holmes trial, a woman exploded with rage in the courtroom claiming to be his biological mother and that the FBI raised Holmes with a surrogate family to train him to be a killer. It went out on national television, OOPS! I have no doubt this outburst was triggered by the fact that she really was the biological mother, and she did not want to have her baby sentenced to death just because he was an FBI surrogate raised killer zombie. The following is the important portion of her first outburst:
“I’m the biological mother; she’s the surrogate! They took him away from me! And they adopted him because they knew they (inaudible). . . My family is full of FBI. (inaudible) . . He didn’t know! Don’t kill him. Don’t kill him. It’s not his fault! (inaudible)”

The woman was detained and returned to the court room a couple days later where she was sentenced for disturbing the court, and here is what she said:

Judge: Is there something you would like to say, something you would like me to consider, before I decide what sanction to impose” (for disturbing the closing of the Holmes trial)

Woman: (paraphrased to cut to the point) I tried to have a say in May of 2013 when I filed a motion (to this court) but I was denied. And then I was harassed by police, they blackmailed me, would not let me testify in your courtroom, they asked all sorts of questions – “what are you doing here, where are you from, why this, why that?” Every time I left, even just to go to the bathroom I faced the same interrogation from them and all kinds of strangers asking me the same thing. I tried to do this the correct way. I filed motions to be heard in this court and was denied, I sent numerous letters and all of them went through, including a picture of me with Holmes as a baby and you returned them, and I’d like to ask why, the investigators have a whole wall full of pictures, why did you return that to me? There was tons of different stuff I tried and they did, I tried to do this correctly but you denied my motion.

Judge George Brauchler (referencing the prior outburst:) Miss Kate’s outburst was offensive to the dignity of this court.

(she then apologizes rather than do the correct thing and rip his lungs out)

The so called “Judge” then says his primary job was to protect the dignity of the court. She then explodes as he sentences her, And this is where the second string of key things get said, when she explodes again:

This is not paraphrased: You are supposed to have dignity of humanity and not have a death penalty and it offends me as a human being that other human beings kill each other LEGALLY. You are all just going to create 12 more murders, (referring to what they used her baby for) you cannot justify murder.

So, what do I think?

Why was this woman, who claimed to be Holmeses biological mother never mentioned in the news at all, until she exploded in the courtroom loudly enough to go out over the microphones on national television RIGHT AT THE END OF PROCEEDINGS? That sure reeks. Her claim that the FBI took him is totally possible (this does happen, the FBI and CIA both take a tax from the Amish in exchange for leaving them alone, usually in the form of 2 children per family who are then mind wiped for black ops and the Amish let it slide because in exchange they are left alone.) What American intelligence uses the Amish for proves that the FBI does indeed do what this woman is claiming was done.
So there are lots of huge questions here – why was she denied her say in court? Why was she never even mentioned? Why was she harassed by police? Why was she so persistent, right up until the end, over a period of years?

I bet I know why – She is completely legit. She is not very sophisticated and probably got blackmailed out of her baby. She probably has a lengthy record. And the FBI did to her baby what they do to black op Amish babies – erased Holmes and primed him for the Batman shooting. I still think no one died at the theater and that Holmes was set up for this, but to put it bluntly – The FBI got their disposable life, and used it in yet another false flag. And the mother, when she realized her baby would probably be killed, went off the edge and flipped out. She behaved in court up until she exploded, was in court numerous days multiple times and never got banned (this is the first time she exploded) and if she was a nut case, and this was not all true, something would have happened much sooner and she would never have been there for the closing of proceedings.

It is my opinion that this woman is totally legit, is Holmses biological mother, that the FBI took him and MK Ultra’ed him, used him and disposed of him, JUST LIKE SHE CLAIMS. Yes, our world really has turned into that kind of *hit.


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Here is the video of the first outburst


Here is the video of the second outburst


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