Jesuit Anti-Christ calls for the removal of Buenos Aires Statue

Pope asks for removal of Buenos Aires statue

Pope Francis has requested that a new statue of him that has been erected in the gardens of Buenos Aires cathedral be removed immediately.

Nick Squires By Nick Squires, Rome3:02PM BST 10 Jul 2013

Francis, who as Jorge Mario Bergoglio was archbishop of the Argentine capital until his election as pontiff in March, reportedly objected to the statue because he is “against the cult of personality”.

He telephoned Catholic clergy at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires to request that it be “removed immediately”.
The life-sized statue, which was installed about 10 days ago, depicts Francis in a white cassock and skull cap, smiling and waving with his right hand.

Local people have been posing for photographs next to it ever since it was erected.

Francis is also reportedly appalled by plans by the Catholic Church in Buenos Aires to build a museum which would display some of his personal artefacts from when he was archbishop.

The project, announced two weeks ago, has been put on hold because of his objections, Argentine newspaper Clarin reported.
In Buenos Aires he was known for his frugal lifestyle and since his election to the papacy four months ago, Francis has shown a common touch, rejecting much of the formality that was associated with his predecessor, Benedict XVI.

The Jesuit Pope has decided to live in a modest Vatican residence rather than the sumptuous apostolic apartments, washed the feet of young offenders, kissed dozens of babies and physically handicapped adults, and shunned a summer holiday in the traditional papal residence at Castel Gandolfo in favour of remaining at work in Rome. Francis is preparing to return to South America for the first time since his election, with a trip later this month to Brazil for World Youth Day, a huge week-long festival for young Catholics.

Brazilian officials say they expect 1.5 million people to attend the event in Rio de Janeiro, which will be held from July 23 to 28.

Brazil boasts the world’s biggest Catholic community – 123 million out of a total population of 194 million.

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